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romantiCrime born in 2006: the crew is composed by Symo as The Voice, Ruben to Bass Guitar, Ryno to Guitars, Andrea on Drums and Dan on Keyboards.
the target of the band is playing, playing re-invented famous songs of their favourite bands and also playing their own songs.
the demo-cd recorded at the end of 2007 is the starting point of an hard work to increase our musical and beautiness abilities in music, playing never-too-much-the-same songs.
we hope to enjoy our listeners!
Why this name?
we've chosen this name to represent the constant contrast in our songs of hard sounds and beauty, melodic lines.
the 'crimes' and the 'romance' are the hard and the beautiful sides of the same song.
Do you play live?
we usually play live around our city, with other bands - but soon alone too.
we play in pubs, and other public stages.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
well it changed strongly.
we think that the war against industry and users will be bringing up for much years
Band History:
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Your influences?
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Favorite spot?
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Equipment used:
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