"Final Hour"
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play hi-fi  Drunkin Cowboy
play hi-fi  Worm
play hi-fi  Pendulum
play hi-fi  Fate Caster
play hi-fi  N.O.T.E
play hi-fi  Not So Stranger
play hi-fi  I'll Show U
play hi-fi  A Crack In My Halo
play hi-fi  The Dead Parade
Stonehed is Now Re-Formed, Matt (ZAK)Cieluszak on Drums, Daniel Heverly Jr. and Marlon Pearson on Guitar, Dead Ed Brown on Vox
Why this name?
Ed Came Up With Concept/Band Name
Do you play live?
We will be playing out. Mostly in home-city o'Buffalo.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For the right coaxing. (Hehehe)
Band History:
Formed by Eddy brown 2007-08. While getting Pat Zak-Bass (Premonition/Cruelty) through an aquaintance. Ran into Dave Riccio-Drummer (R.U.L.E!). Guitarist Ryan (The Kidd) Wilson finished the first lineup for CD recording "A DEvil In The Details". 2011 Ed Reforms band. Matt (ZAK)Cieluszak on Drums, Daniel Heverly Jr. and Marlon Pearson on Guitar
Your influences?
Black Sabbath, Tool, Death, Pantera, R.A.T.M.
Favorite spot?
I guess our own. Buffalo N.Y.
Equipment used:
Peavy, Senheisser, Bullet Cable, Marshall, Jackson, Line 6, Ampeg, Tama, Zildyian, Paste
Anything else...?
We Are Zombie Alien Warriors From The Future!
dead parade
a crack in my halo
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