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play hi-fi  I'm Coming home
play hi-fi  Rock this Town
play hi-fi  Flyin' time
play hi-fi  Not A Regular Woman
play hi-fi  Trees Don't Grow On 42nd Street
play hi-fi  One More Time
play hi-fi  Back to the Mountain
play hi-fi  Thank God
play hi-fi  The Bomb
play hi-fi  Good Day All
I am an artist / singer / songwriter. I have performed around the USA since starting my first rock n roll band at the tender age of 14 with my brother and best friend. I now play on occasion, but usually only my origonal music.
Why this name?
Well, I stole the "nickname" from the Joe Jac that came before me! My Dad was a musician (bass player) in a band that played every weekend, for 25 years, and he never missed a gig.....but, enuff about Dad, this is my page.
Do you play live?
I have played live for many years and love being on stage. My special moment was singing / yodeling live on the Howard Stern show a few years ago. Elton John was the guest star along with Eddie Money. It was a fun segment. We had a great laugh with it! ... Also played up and down the East Coast...the gig at Nathan College was fun with the J-Giles band. And my most fun days were with Bob and Mickey (Ashley Blue Band). Those days I will treasure forever!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Progress... gotta live with it. Hate my cell phone though!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, why not!
Band History:
W T F man ! My first band was the "3 Tornados" doesn't that sound like a great band name for a bunch of kids rockin n rollin in the basement. That is where it all started....(except for those damn accordian lessons forced on me as a kid). Then as I got older, I moved on to "Ashley Blue" an interesting band that played mostly arrangements of 60's music. Band name then changed to "Lucifer" and yeah we were radical now and Bob, Mickey and I added Randy on Bass and a kid named Carmen. We played a lot of clubs in Jersey, at the shore, colleges, stuff at NYU and just kinda rocked out for a few years...... We then went separate ways once again and I teamed up with a group called "Rush" (no not that Rush, dammit) then formed an all origonal music group called "Windsor Bach". Believe me there was nothing classical about the Bach, we played ROCK, NOT BACH! Once again, nothing came of it other than a lot of good times and more clubbin up and down the NY & Jersey coast line. Went solo for a while then teamed up with a wonderful fluteplayer name Richie Brooks. My bro Pete came back too, and shortly afterwards, Mickey was back as well. It all just kinda went full circle. Once again, we were back to playin mostly my own stuff and did a bit of recording in "Bob's" studio. Well, good things last only so long, and we once again went our separate ways...Mickey went south and I went mid west. Now, I mostly play some gigs at local clubs in the mid west with my son and the occasional reunion when I get back east. It's all been fun and it will continue on .......... Thanks goes out to all the wonderful musicians I have played with through the years and the friends and fans I've had.
Your influences?
My Dad plus, I Grew up with the Beatles, ELP, Eagles, Clapton, The Who, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young... and other great rockers of the 60's through the present. Also enjoyed folk artists such as Joni Mitchel and Richie Havens as early influences. Ya know, there are just way too many more to mention!
Favorite spot?
I grew up in Jersey, re-located to Kansas City, but my favorite place on the planet is those mountains!
Equipment used:
Own an old Hagstrom electric from 1967 and fender amp, also a vintage Guild "folk guitar", but the sound of my accoustic Taylor 710 is sweet, yeah man!
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