NEWS   Expect a professional release of "North Of No South: These Are the Buried Stories" to be out sometime later this year or early next year.

Two new songs are being written at the moment.
"When the Emperor Was Still Devine," and "We Are Not the Bearers Of Consciousness, We Are the Whores of Reason." Expect them to be on the recording once completed.

New song complete: "An Extraordinary Sight."

Local Zanesville artist, Charlie Touvell will be carving a tree stinsel out of cork-wood for Esskyma tote bags to be sold at shows once Fall and Winter come around.

Thanks for listening and caring.
Love, Esskyma.
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  With Worn Hearts Hung Behind Concrete Curtains
play hi-fi  Let's Applaud Death By Ringing Bells
play hi-fi  Am I Them?
play hi-fi  He Knew the Pain of Winter
play hi-fi  Body Counts From An Evening War
play hi-fi  Silhouettes Giving Birth to Shadows
play hi-fi  Castles In the Air, Devils In the Sky
play hi-fi  Reign Rebuilder - SFTF
play hi-fi  Watch The World From Your Eyes
play hi-fi  Forial
Chad Smith: lead guitar
Michael Harmon: bass guitar & omnichord
Evan Lilly: drum kit
Brittanie Parsons: bells
Marshall Lilly: rhythm guitar
Jason Ault: keyboards

Live shows ocasionally include spoken words from our laptop and very rarely we'll use projection as a helpful and questioning visual.

We rehearse in Chad's basement and we do our absolute best to create a sad, lush soundscape that will make your heart ache and swell with anticipation and excitement.

Do you play live?
Yes. Locally as of right now. We are branching out, slowly. It takes time and we're willing to wait when the time is right.
Your influences?
Explosions In the Sky, Stars Of the Lid, Kinski, The Album Leaf, Mono, Pelican, Mogwai, Emery Reel, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Red Sparrows, the Dead Texan, Do Make Say Think, etc.
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