Time Theft
NEWS   when you were 12 and the burgler will both be released this fall

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The best way to meet us is through the music.

Other than that, who we are is:

Vocals, Lyrics, Field Recordings, Guitar,

Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Bass, and of course PIANO

Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Percussion, Production

General Creative Stimulant, and Drum God

The four of us (and probably more soon) make music together. Our only rules about making music is that we have to love it ourselves.
Why this name?
Time Theft has a very specific meaning to us that has to do with coffee.
Do you play live?
Right now (since we are all four in school) half the band can be seen playing with side projects in Portland, while the other half (if they find the time) can be seen in the Denver area.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it has made it possible for music to matter again
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
most likely not. One of our main goals is to self-record and produce music in our own homes. Any sort of major label deal would have to do with distribution and would be slightly further down the line for us.
Band History:
We've all been in several projects and bands before Time Theft as we will all probably work on other projects and bands later. Our forthcoming album would mark the first album any of us would call significant to our career.

Between Johnny and Clark alone dozens and dozens of old songs and bands exist, but nothing to the scale of Time Theft.
Your influences?
Radiohead, Yo La Tengo, R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel, Sthephin Merritt, The Flaming Lips, Pavement...but I mean this list could go on forever, and these bands (if you follow their influences) lead back to the beatles, velvet underground, etc...
Favorite spot?
The other day Brady said he was getting alot better at flying in his dreams
Equipment used:
We use guitars-bass-drums, piano, assorted horns and strings, and the studio itself as instruments.
Anything else...?
The band may be expanding by two members in the near future.

We Have spent the last year and a half getting to know each other musically and working on songwriting and recording our own material. The process of upgrading the studio and re-recording parts has become familar, but soon we'll have both an album (when you were 12) and an ep (the burgler) finished.
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