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NEWS   My Album "Reggae Sweetheart" is in stores this september.

My College Tour start August 28.2003-May 2004 - Check for updates.
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Teh princess of Reggae Omeil is the new kid on the Reggae block. She sweet, sassy & Sexy with all the lyrics to make her make! Omeil's debut Album Reggae sweetheart is due in september and she hopes you all enjoy it!
Why this name?
Omeil is my middle name and it follow well in my lyrics
Do you play live?
I perform live all over the world and I enjoy it all alot. my special moments is make the crowd move especially on the colleges campuses.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
MP3 has help independent artist and labels to get as much exposure as any Major Label artist. Independent artist does extremely well on the internet and I am only greatful for the technology.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If it right for me.
Band History:
Kadion "Omeil" Lewis better known as Omeil is hailing from Kingston, Jamaica she is a shining star on the horizon of this new age of Reggae and R&B artistry. Omeil has been singing for most of her life. She began singing in churches and local talent shows at the age of four. Throughout the years, Omeil has struggled to make her family understand this burning passion to perform. Currently Omeil is attending Central High School. Omeil is also receiving vocal training from A&R Music School and plans on attending college to continue her education in the performing arts once she has completed high school.

Her talent has been exhibited and developed by performing at local talent shows in Jamaica such as the Jamaica Miss McCookspen 2001 and The Jamaica Icesoford Talent Show. Over the past year, Omeil has opened for many notable acts such as Sacario, Devonte, Tontrometro, Foxy Brown, Glen Washington, Bounty Killa, Capleton and Sanchez. She also made a very successful appearance in the Caribbean Day Parade in Hartford, CT. Her genuine performance displays a unique mixture of R&B and Reggae that was influenced by many legends such as Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Monica, Beenie Man and even closer to her heart, her grandfather who spent a lot of time and energy in her musical development. Omeil is very involved in her musical career. Mature for her age, she voices her opinion quite often but manages to stay humble in spite of her local success. Omeil writes many of her own songs often drawing on personal experience to influence her and seeks to exhibit a positive twist for her generation through her music.

Omeil has worked with producers Delion Reid, Sean Todd, Preston Stuart, and David McFarlane on her debut album "The Reggae Sweetheart". These producers have devoted many years to making music. While each producer has their own unique styles, they all demonstrate diversity with their capability to produce Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop and more. This team has come to together to produce an exceptional display on Omeil's debut album. Their resumes exhibit production work for some of the most respected artists in the industry such as Shawn Paul, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Sanchez, Wyclef and Alicia Keys.

Omeil is currently signed to Terrelongè Recordings (www.Terrelongè, a subdivision of Terrelongè Enterprises Inc. ( owned by Renee Terrelongè. Omeil is the first recording artist to be released to Terrelongè Recordings. Her single, "Fret" can be found on the compilation album "Keep It Real".
Favorite spot?
Jamaica, my home land
Anything else...?
check out my website at and download free mp3.
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