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Here's music I've been recording in my studio, based around a Whisper Room isolation booth.

I've been singing and playing the guitar professionally since the early eighties, performing around my hometown, Philly, as well as London, San Francisco, and various other points along the way.

The more recent recordings are edited from live online broadcasts streamed to audiences in the Virtual World Simulation Second Life.
Why this name?
My Dad gave it to me. He once asked me never to use a pseudonym - now that he's gone from this life, I'm glad I agreed.
Do you play live?
I've played in clubs and bars, festivals and street fairs - not to mention year s of busking the streets. I particularly like playing Farmers Markets - getting the jump on the in-season goodies.
Band History:
I started playing and singing in Philly in the early 1980s. I was in a few electric Blues bands, notably the Boogiemen and the Hired Guns Blues Band.

I moved to London, where I started to play more Solo acoustic Blues and my Slide playing started to stand out.

I was a regular on the scene in the East Bay and San Fransisco from around 2000, and still play down there when I get a chance.

A newcomer to Portland, enjoying exploring the area. Building a small studio to broadcast - and record those online broadcasts - has been the main project for a few years now.
Your influences?
Slide Guitar, open tunings, resophonic, blues, vocals, son house, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, ry cooder
Favorite spot?
Right now? The Portland Japanese Garden.
Equipment used:
Mainly, a National Delphi and a National El Trovador. Hohner sp 20's with turbo lids, Diamond bottlenecks, Sure mics in a Whisper Room isolation booth into an Alesis mixer and preamp. You can find more details on my blog at
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