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Monita De Varge
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About Monita

Sydney Electronica Artist Monita De Varge was self trained on the Piano from Childhood, She could play by ear, then moved on composing her own Ambient and melodic derived songs.
Monita wrote compositions for ten years before she started to produce Electronic compositions. Then she studied Technical Production over two years to attain Certification in Music Production and related knowledge of the Music industry.
During this time Monita wrote song compositions by using professional sound recording software and a 'Korg' keyboard workstation.

"Music Technology became my main interest by experimenting with electronic instruments to create a new up-beat rhythm. It doesn't matter to me about where a sound supposed to come from and what genre that particular sound supposed to be used in, I experiment with any sound until I find something that mixes well with the rest of the arrangement and make it a composition of my own. I also destroy sounds until they are reborn into another completely different sound that was nothing like the sound I started with."

In 2005 Monita produced music for stage performances and from here Monita's interest grew in Cinematic Music and film sound, Ambient Electronica, and Dance Music.
She built up her small project studio and over two years she focused on writing instrumental electronic music for releasing her Album

"The Element of Sound", in 2007

This experimental album has a signature of Alien Landscape Cinematic Music which is my main focus as an Electronica Artist. I experiment with different sub-genres within electronica, and each song composition is a journey defined by emotional complexity. My intention is to compose with a picture of a 'Scene' or visual Journey in mind. The journey is then left in the mind of the beholder of each person listening.

Official Web Page:
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Your influences?
I listen to William Orbit, Enigma, Jean Michel Jarre, Eat Static, Xorcist, Voice of Eye, Temps Perdu, Psychic TV, ect,, many other electronica, trance, psychedelic, ambient, worldbeat, new age, doof, hardcore, minimal electronica, electro, industrial, accoustic, classical, cinematic.
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