Radio Free Babylon
*NEW* NITE TIME (YNB Nahmir x 6ix9ine type)
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play hi-fi  Where's My Jetpack?
play hi-fi  While We're Waiting
play hi-fi  Time's New Romans (Landscaper's Lament)
play hi-fi  Talk To Me (Andre Cliche)
You found the elusive DEMO TAPES of the band RADIO FREE BABYLON.

"Everyone sit down - keep cool - let's just relax - let's just get into the groove - come on - we can get it together." - M. Jagger, Altamont, 1969

We think you’re gonna like what we threw together.

CONTACT may be addressed to djwilkie(at)

This is Guitar-Driven, Blues-Based NeoFolkFunk.

"Are you on drugs?" - Ross Halfin, Grumpy Photographer to the Stars

A sloppy groove from an old Kay guitar found on eBay and 20 years of sitting around working on songs is what produced these little ditties. We know the production is weak. We're not done yet. Vocals are yet to come, so until then just concentrate on the music. If you want to find the lyrics, most of them are at

The sub-categorization of rock is too limiting - RFB delivers a rare mix of subgenres of rock - so you'd probably do best to just call it rock.

"Where's My Jetpack?" has been shuffled and will now be included on the debut "Geometry." This is NeoFolkFunk, and we found a drummer who has mastered the funk. Very early Aerosmith meets Lyle Lovett and introduces him to Frank Zappa. (see the companion website at

"While We're Waiting" is a little exercise in alliteration. Just an acoustic guitar and one bluesed out singer.

"Time's New Romans (Landscaper's Lament)", is also the title track from RFB's fourth release. (Which is kinda sad, since our first three haven't been recorded or released yet.)Done at home on the computer. (see the companion website at

The last song is a funky folk tip of the hat to Frank Zappa. The song is called "Talk to Me (Andre Cliche)." Frank said it much better with "Dancin Fool." This one will also appear on our first release, "Geometry." (Produced at Luminous Sound in Dallas.)

Why this name?
It was early one morning during the sleep twilight when a subspace intergalactic transmission recommended it in a whisper.
Do you play live?
Rarely. We will, when pressed.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Power to the artists - Death to the salesmen.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That depends on their fine print - the snake-like saleshounds must be watched at every turn.

Attention Lawyers and Sales Weasels: Our band’s label, Comatose Llama Records (, is available for absorption into a larger conglomerate for the right price, and provided we still control everything.
Band History:
Guitar-driven, blues-based, NeoFolkFunk is about the best way to describe the sound of the band, RadioFreeBabylon.

The debut project, "Geometry" is a collection of 13 songs that have been 24 years in the making. Currently in production, we expect "Geometry" to turn some heads somewhere maybe probably. The music has all been test-marketed and is found to be quite marketable, even if the market is a little testy.

RFB's next four albums are also in pre-production. RFB intends to go completely independent with their very own Comatose Llama Records, (visit where we will control all aspects of production, cover and liner art, release, distribution, merchandising and booking. (And likely not have any sales as a result.)

find out all the details at

Your influences?
Influences are many and varied. To credit any one group or artist (or several) would invite unfair comparison that we can't live up to. We're sure you can hear whatever and whomever you want to hear in our music.
Favorite spot?
The forests of Germany, particularly those of Hesse - and the East Coast beaches of Central Florida, particularly those under Federal protection.
Anything else...?
RFB is currently seeking an accomplished lead guitarist who also owns a small jet. And also some black female background vocalists. And maybe a cellist on a song or two. Maybe a good violinist for one ballad. And bottled water and sushi in the dressing room. And one of those guys who travels with you and makes sure your guitar is all tuned and strung nice. And polished. And of course monster piles of cash that allow us to get about the business of what we really need to do.