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Hedonistic Exility
Sacrifice Unto Sebek (Nile cover)
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Hedonistic Exility (technical brutal death metal) was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2007. The band took aim to considerable increase in complexity of the material paying attention to it’s technical skills and musicality and joining together Eastern, Egyptian and Neoclassical melodies with cacophony and hypertechnicity of modern technical brutal death metal.

At the moment Hedonistic Exility is working on recording of it’s debut EP, which will contain most musically complex and technical material – from ultrafast gravity blasts and insane riffs to punishing breakdowns.
Free tracks can be downloaded from band’s official MySpace

Current line-up:
Slash - Vocals
Led - Guitars/Vocals
Butcher - Guitars
Hel - Bass
Tsladimir - Drums

Hedonistic Exility shared the scene with Affinity Hypotesis, Intoxicated, Deathert, Tremor, Nu Fuel, Necrocannibalistic Surgery, Painful Defloration, Destruction of Silence, Insane Humanity, Chorus:failed, Sectorial, Silur, Spaint, Sexual Assault…
Your influences?
Canadian & American technical brutal death metal school
Equipment used:
Ibanez 7-string and ESP guitars, Line6 PODs