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Ano Nimo is a composer/songwriter and currently a one man band. Ano has been involved in many activities over the last half century (sounds old but doesn't feel old), some musical, some not.

Having associated in the 70s with other musicians immersed in folk/classical/rock, including the short-lived baroque-rock group, Providence and their mentors and label mates, the Moody Blues, Nimo thereby nurtured his penchant for blending esoteric musical genres.
Why this name?
Ano Nimo (1949 was added as Ano Nimo appears to be a popular handle for bands) was chosen as a name to reflect a desire to submerge personalities from the music. Probably won't work out that way however!
Do you play live?
No live performances currently and no immediate plans to do so. Nimo's goal is to establish communications links through the Web, using art-photography, video and, of course, music. In light of astronomical live performance expenses and resultant high ticket prices, Nimo believes that "live" performances are doomed to extinction (unfortunately).
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Very much so! As long as industry and governments are not able to totally control the internet and artists are free to evolve intercommunications with fellow earthlings, the corporate greed of the past will be much less able to dictate musical/artistic taste (greed will never be entirely eliminated; human nature, you know).
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Very unlikely (see above). Unless, of course there's lots of money involved, with no strings attached (Aha! - see above again).
Band History:
Ano Nimo has lived a fairly long (hopefully much longer) and eventful life, musically or otherwise: That's history enough!
Your influences?
THE USUAL: Dylan, Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield/CSNY/Neil Young, Van Morrison, Springsteen, Moody Blues (most of the "best" rock of the 60s and 70s).

LESS USUAL: Lightfoot, Jansch, Fahey, Hedges, Kottke, Mitchell, Buckley (mostly Tim, but Jeff too) and a lot of other folksters, especially Phil Ochs.

UNUSUAL: Mozart, Berlioz, Mahler, Stravinsky, Segovia, Liona Boyd, Davis, Mingus (a bit of jazz with the high-brow stuff). Ano also loves Sam Cooke's music (not sure what category this fits?)
Favorite spot?
San Miguel
Equipment used:
INSTRUMENTS: guitars (acoustic and electric), mandolin, octave and chromatic harmonicas/blues harp. And voice? Getting back into 5 string banjo now.
RECORDING: Zoom PS-02, Sony Minidisc and stereo mic, Audacity and Lame freeware. (Took so long to figure this digital stuff out that Ano will probably stick with it until something much better, easier and not too expensive comes around). Currently experimenting with various DAWs, hopefully will settle on one soon.
Anything else...?
An idea Ano wants to pursue is a collaboration with other songwriters, trading music, lyrics, arrangements, etc, over the internet using Soundclick and UTube (the folk process on steroids). This concept has been Ano's dream since the early 90s when it was not really feasible. Now it is!