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Another Massive Surge of Conscious Creativity Poured Out of Me Today... and Here It Is! Written, Recorded, Produced and Mastered within 5 hours smile :) #CreatorMassiveDerekGee
New School
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Here at Wreckless Beats I believe in original song writing and innovative techniques. I strive to be a trendsetter within the world of music. I put no limits or boundaries on creativity because I feel that music should represent the heart & soul. Music should always have conscious substance and positive human morality underlying within as well. The music and sound itself should make a lasting impression on those who listen. So I will continue to push the envelope with my musical creations and arrangements.... and I will always stray away from the expected route, make my mark, and blaze my own trail on this beautiful journey of emotional sound and music.


In 1982, When I Was 11 Years Old, I Started Spinning Records. Mostly Hip Hop, House, Dance And 80's Freestyle Music. I Have A Room Filled With Crates Of Records... Not To Mention All The Music My Parents Had Collected Since They Were Kids. If There Is One Place I Belong... It's In The Music Industry. I'll Do My Thing And Nothing And No One Will Ever Stop Me From Trying. I Will Also Always Write New And Innovative Songs To Display My Imagination, Potential, Skills And Ideas. I Can And Will Do What I Love To Do... My Music Isn't About Business, It's About Feeling... And As Long As I Never Forget That, My Music Will Always Be Pure.

To All The Independent Artists Who Know Me, Support Me, Work With Me & Show Me Love.... I Will Always Wish You All The Very BEST Of LUCK In Your Journeys. Keep True Music Alive!! Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge!! Music Is The Universal Language Of Mankind....
And Also The Key To Life!!

Primary Genre:
Electronic (trance, house, techno, dance, Dnb, ambient, electronica)

Secondary Genre:
Hip Hop (General Hip Hop, Hardcore Rap, Beats/Instrumentals)
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