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Instrumentals with Hooks
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Brutus Cooper
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i am not black, nor am i white.

i'm dirty.

i am not a gangster, pimp, player, baller etc.

i'm a scumbag piece of shit.

i am not classy, charismatic, crazy or cocky, but it could seem that way; or maybe it really doesn't at all.

i don't give two and a half shits, regardless.

i don't have a ton of bodyguards, boyz, beeitchez, bundles, bank accounts or bullets for some back-up and back-peddling away from beeitch-made bullshit.

we all gonna die sooner or later.

spineless little pussies will always be last to make moves and jump, if they haven't already been thrown overboard.

i don't mind going first.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the same way that handguns changed the homicide industry: increased potential size, speed and efficient means to spread one's hustle, whether that hustle be grimy or shiny.
Equipment used:
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