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Righteous Blues
Rock : Christian Rock
Lost Souls begins with Righteous Blues, a slow gospel/blues song in the classic rock vein, maybe the Band meets the Eagles meets Pink Floyd. In this song, our hero believes that he is righteous, that he is a good person, on a good path, but...
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She's There
Alternative : Alt Power Pop
In the second song, a€œShea€™s therea€쳌, our hero has an admirer. She is there for him, even though he is in love with another. She loves him back and they are a€œfriendsa€쳌, but she loves cocaine more, so she saves her sex for rich boy that keeps he
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Misstress of ILLusion
Jazz : Jazz Vocals
Ah, Mistress of Illusion, in this, our third song, our hero tries to understand our cocaine heroine in a final effort to free her from her addiction and win her heart. He observes that all women can be mistresses of illusion in so much as they
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Judge Not
Electronic : Drum n Bass
a€œJudge Nota€쳌, our fourth song, lest ye be judged! It is about a sitting judge, so thata€™s all I am going to say about that! It is a very basic song that I would like us to be able to perform in an infinite diversity of styles and genres.
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explicit lyrics
Down With the Sun
Rock : Garage Rock
In a€œDown with the Suna€쳌, our hero is incarcerated and hallucinates that he is playing a show and sees his lost heroine. She has come back and all is well, but the blinding light of the morning sun awakens him to the fact that she is lost to him an
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Answers (Father and Son)
Jazz : Acid Jazz
In this song our hero and his son learn to play together and that they are not so different and they are both children of GOD and that is the answer
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explicit lyrics
Revelationship Issues
Electronic : Trip Hop
During this song, our hero is having a€œRevelationship Issuesa€쳌, so he turns to hip-hop. He finds his spirituality by losing his religion. Listen to the word, but think for yourself! Another lost soul joins him here or is it his femine side chiming
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Killing Yourself Again
Rock : Rock General
After his new-found insight, our hero goes back to his life and sees all the people that shared his bad habits are either dead, in jail, or still doing the same sh*t. So he asks them, why are you a€œkilling yourself againa€쳌?
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Lost Souls
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
a€œLost Soulsa€쳌 is the title track and tenth song. It is the realization that all is lost and there is nothing that we as individuals can do to save ourselves.
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Have no gods before ME!
Pop : Contemporary Christian
This is the most important song on the CD and the last. Musically, it is like a march thru HEAVEN..
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Doomsayrz GODsGoodTimedemo
Rock : Rock Unplugged
Thankz JESUS for a new song!
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Doomsayrz EH4aR-mix1
Instrumentals : Old School
When completed this should be the first track on the upcoming "Stepz of Redemption", the sophomore effort by the DoomsayrzLOVEGOD. It is the first mix of the basic track using effectz.
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Im The Garden
Acoustic : Cover Songs
"Im The Garden" is the latest single by the Doomsayrz and the 1st. single to be released from Homeless Records. Listen and download for free at http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8883681
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Lost Souls Radio Promo #1
Talk : Talk
Promo for radio station
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