Mickey Dean and His Talking Guitar
NEWS   Mickey Dean and His Talking Guitar

This just in! The CD I played on"For The Love OF Charlie", produced by Al Kooper and Quentin Jones, has been released in the USA and is getting LOTS of airplay on stations like WXPN.

Check it out!!
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HIYA! My name is Mickey Dean (aka Michael Fisher) and I am a hired gun guitar player, producer and songwriter. I produce singer/songwriters at The Waffle Ranch a little studio I have in Millersville, Pa. I still tour a little with some national and regional artists. Right now I am playing on Charlie Gracie's new CD with Al Kooper, Graham Nash, Peter Noone (Herman's Hermit's) and some guys from The Smithereens and Los Straightjackets.

Why this name?
My grandfather Saul Fisher was a gangster in Abe Minker's gang briefly during prohibition. His nickname was Mick.
When I was born, I became Mickey. Dean is my real middle name. Mickey Dean sounds like some kind of quality pork product you would eat for breakfast. I like that.
Do you play live?
I play live but not as much as I would like to. I am most often hired to be a sideman which is my favorite job anyway. Seriously, the thing I miss most is playing Merle songs at 3am in a VFW. I could DEFINITELY be talked into joining a local weekend country band!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I was sorta the poster child for the old MP3.COM back when it mattered. It made my career. The opportunities I get today come from the success I had online. I got exposure from Rolling Stone to Newsweek and it didn't hurt! I was signed briefly to a label that was home to Robert Gordon, Tommy Conwell, and Charlie Gracie as a result.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What does it pay?
Band History:
I have been the lead guitarist for and/or recorded with Heather Miles, Victoria Shaw, Rob Crosby, Danny and the Juniors and rockabilly legend Charlie Gracie who even recorded one of my songs. I just played on the new Charlie Gracie CD produced by Al Kooper and Quentin Jones which will be released in England on Oct10,2011

The CD is "For The Love Of Charlie" and has been released in the US now as well. It's getting lots of airplay on WXPN type radio stations and is getting great reviews. Available where fine CDs are sold nationwide....

I am producing three other artists at the Waffleranch right now. Blue Plate Special, a wonderful jump blues band from Philly, Stu Huggins, who is the best country singer I ever heard, and a secret R&B project. More on that later....
Your influences?
I decided to become a guitar player when I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but it was "Are You Experienced?" that made me want to be a LEAD guitarist. MY guitar influences are Jimi Hendrix, Don Rich, Bill Kirchen, Duke Levine, Casper Rawls, Frank Zappa, Johnny Thunders, Albert Lee, Pete Anderson, Jimmy Bryant, Shane Nicholas, George Harrison and lately a great, great kinda localish guy I recently heard for the first time (where have i been?) Dave Chappell from DC.

Hiya Shane.
Favorite spot?
Rehobeth Beach Delaware and New Orleans and of course, Philly. (home of cheesesteaks and THE EAGLES)
Equipment used:
I play a couple of Teles built for me by Peter Gebhardt at PG Customs. Peter builds flat out cool guitars. If you want something that's one of a kind and won't require a mortgage on your home, Peter is your guy.

I am also a huge Jerry Jones/Dano fan. For amps I like anything that is loud and light.
Anything else...?
If you want to hire me with or without my crack studio band, shoot me an email !! We work cheap if the fun quotient is HIGH!!
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