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Kampfire Kowboys
NEWS   Currently working on a 3rd CD to be titled "Trick or Trail" to be released soon.
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Beginning in May 1997, an idea was created to produce a band that would define Rock n’ Roll in a more unique way. Incorporating country & folk guitar styles, mixed with pop-oriented melodies, Tom Colton & Kampfire Kowboys leads the way. This hard-core western group has the ability to lift you off your feet and keeps audiences howling for more!!!

Kampfire Kowboys released 2 CD's. The first is "Somewhere Blue" released in 1998 and in 2000 released "Stand Still."

Stay tuned for their new CD, "Trick or Trail" to be released soon.

Why this name?
Well.. Cowboys sing around the campfire and replacing the "C's" with "K's" makes these guys a bit different. It's more like a rout around the Kampfire!
Do you play live?
The band live from 1998 to 2001 and performed in many Chicagoland clubs. Our CD release party concert at "Chord on Blues" in St. Charles, Illinois was our greatest moment. Also, we performed in the WLUP Radio studios. We're looking for possible concerts in the future.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has made it possible for local artists to showcase their music, whatever genre, to millions of people. MP3's make it easier to get your music to users by downloading quickly with very reasonable listening quality.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but it all depends on the contract.
Band History:
Tom Colton (Kampfire Kowboys) from St. Charles, Illinois has been recording at Short Order Recorder in Zion, Illinois to complete a 15 track CD entitled ”somewhere blue,” engineered by Jeff Murphy (Shoes, Material Issue, Local H, The Critics)and CD Mastered by Jeff Luif(Janet Jackson, John Secata, Enuff’s Enuff).

The band has adopted an “Authentic American Rock” theme using a mixture of Rock & Country influences. To complete the final line-up, lead guitarist Brian Tedeschi from Carol Stream joined on in May, 1998 and in January, 1999, Drummer Keith Daproza from Arlington Heights was added. In addition to performing numerous shows in clubs and festivals around the Chicagoland area, they appeared “unplugged” on July 23, 1998 on Kevin Matthew’s AM-1000 afternoon radio program broadcasting to thousands of curious listeners.

The band also performs numerous renditions of other artists such as: Bodeans, John Fogarty and Travelin Wilbury’s. They also play modified Rock n’ Roll versions of Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and Brian Setzer. Kampfire Kowboys will customize their “Authentic American Rock” show specifically to the club or venue they are playing!!

The Kane County Chronicle says “Round up your friends and go see Kampfire Kowboys, you’d be krazy not to!”


Kampfire Kowboys are at it again!! March, 2000 brought the release of their second CD entitled Stand Still, recorded and mastered at Star Trax Studio in Crestwood, Illinois, and engineered by Jeff Luif. This new CD is more and more rockin’ western style music that puts Kampfire Kowboys in a league of their own. Producer & song writer Tom Colton (with a lot of help from bassist, Dave Piper and lead guitarist, Brian Tedeschi), spun out 13 new original tracks for Stand Still, mixing his rock & western-folk machine upside down and inside out. Check out “Westbound N’ 49” or “Destiny Rides” both foot stompin-rockin tunes. Songs such as “Fire in the Hole” and “Tangerine” evoke long gone romantic western images. “Weathervane” demonstrates Colton’s strong acoustic guitar ability. With just one listen, it’s quite obvious that Kampfire Kowboys have developed a unique sound all their own.
Your influences?
The Who, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Brian Setzer, XTC.
Favorite spot?
Phoenix or Las Vegas
Equipment used:
Fener Guitars & Amps. Have used Crate & Vox as well.
Anything else...?
The music really does not fit into any definative catagory. Americana is the best I can do but some people say "Southern Rock' or "Alternative Country" or some of the new material has some blues influences. I don't like labels much. This project is a mixed bag of different styles.
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