C.BlaQ - Goin Ham Again - Broken Pedal Prod.
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03/4/2013 - New Mix.. C.BlaQ On Vocalz & Beat..
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Broken Pedal Productionz

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On April 26, 1989, Jason a.k.a. C.BlaQ Was Born. He Got Into Freestyling At The Early Age Of 12. He Was Battling From The Age Of 12 to 16. At Such A Young Age He Mastered A Talent Called "Word-Play". Heres Are A Few Example Quoted From Some Of His Tracks.

"Itz Like Applauses At Ah Circus, All I Clap Are Clowns"...

"Shining Bright" Up In Da Streetz, Lookin Like Ah "Solar Flare"...

"Its Like "Misplacing-Aummunition" All They "Losing" Are "Rounds"...

The "Heat" Will Make Em "Spin" Like "Rottisori-Grillz"...

He Has Been In Many Freestyling Groups, But He Left The Freestyling Sites To Get His Word Across On Beats. He Got Into Rapping On Beats Around The Age of 16 Since Then He's Been Working Hard At Mastering His Flow, Emotion Rapping, Riding Ah Beat Flawlessly. Right Now At The Age of 18, C.BlaQ Is A Semi-Producer, But Ah Full Blown Word-Playing Lyricist. You Can Catch His Thuggish Slanging Deep Voice On Many Tracks Saying Witty, Crazy, Gutter, But Perfectly Worded Lyrics On Many Tracks. Dont Think That "Word-Play" Is The Only Thing He Knows How To Do, Cause In A Spilt Second He Can Change Up His Flow Into Spitting Extremely Fast Which He Likes To Call "Syllable-Talking". The Only Thing Thats Keeping Him From The Title "Producer" Is He Does Not Know How To Make Beats And He Refuses To Learn. So To All The Producers Out There, Get At Him And If You Havent Notice Yet, Hes A Sucker For Melody Beats, Yet Alone Melody Beats With Lots Of Bass. One Thing That I Can Tell You Is That He Loves Collab With Any Artist Who Trying To Make It. C.BlaQ Is Currently Affilated With "14KT. Recordz" which iz now "Get Gwap Ent" Which His Brother From Another Mother "G-Rated" Who Is The CEO Of The Label. C.BlaQ & TaZ Both Own The Label "Mo Chedda Records" And Are Putting In Work Day And Night To Get That Label Off The Ground & He Is Also Just Started Wurkin Wit "King Smooth Ace" who invited him wit open arms to the "Showdown Ent." Label. Even Tho He Left His Past Record Labels: Royal Flush Records & Murderous Records, He Will Still Work With Them Anytime They Need And Still Have Mad Luv For Them. No Beef. He Has A Lot Of Motherf***ers Talking Good In His Face But Bad Behind His Back But He Said Quote On Quote "I Care About Them As Much As I Care Bout Another Nigguh Big Toe". C.BlaQ Loves Beef, Just To Let Yall Know. If Funny, Crazy, Insane Lyrics Dont Grab Your Attention In One Of His Diss Tracks Then Im Pretty Much Sure The Intro Will. Anything Else You Wanna Know About Him, Hit Him Up. Hes Usually On MySpace Most Of The Day If He Aint Doing Nothing Important Or He Might Be At Wurk. Ya Kno...Catch Me In Da Souf.

Shout Outs From C.BlaQ:

"To all tha peepz who have helped me along in this game and still are to this day... Remy, Ryan (Lyrikal Skylzz), Randall (Infinite R), Chelsea, David G. (Cryptic Wisdom), Raize, Adrenaline, Nadia, Myrah, Neici (Blaz3), Savvy Yola, Coleone (Tha Man That Dont Write), Mike (G-Rated), FACE, Sleepy J, Infinite G, 2FACE Musik, 3 Elite, Alex, Nadia, Lola, Mizz Game, Wayne, Crazi L, Loominus, Robbry, Lay-Bacc, Killa Milon, Light Bub, LivinEazy, Justo Tha Pimp, My Nigguh KILLA KASH!!! and da whole B.$.G. BloCC SqAuD GanGstaz Crew!!!, Mo Chedda Recordz, 14kt Recordz, Murdarous Recordz!!, and too all others who have helped me in my Musik Career!

Words From C.BlaQ To The People Who Hated Him But Like Him Now That Hes Officaly In Da Game Like EA Sports:

Cut Ya Wrist Until Ya Fall Asleep Ya bi***!
Why this name?
Look At Me...Im BlaQ. So U See BlaQ (C.BlaQ)
Do you play live?
Local Fresstyle Battlez.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
U Hearin My sh*** On Da Net Rite?..Simple Enuff..Lol.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yep but until den...itz "Get Gwap Ent" n "Showdown Ent"...Ya Digg?...
Band History:
Favorite spot?
Richmond, VA. Da Souf Of Richmond. ...Two Upz Two Downz. Datz How I Do It.
Equipment used:
Secret..haha. Just Kno Ima Professional..
Anything else...?
Ima Beast. Point Blank. Period.
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