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Alan Towers
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play hi-fi  CLOSE YOUR EYES

I grew up in South East New England played a lot of gigs from New England to New York. I moved to NC and call that home.

This is my first

"Solo Project" It is Highly Addictive to me. When I'm not working on it,I think about it all the time.

There's something about staying true to your heart that makes the music & the lyrics come pouring out

I've always been very lucky to have been surrounded by great musicians. We have toured and played out from here to there and everywhere in between.

I've spent the last few years building a recording studio. When I am not in the studio, I spend most of my time writing

There is one song on the cd called "Close Your Eyes" it was written after 9/11. All of the pain inside of me. Lead me to write this song.

It is Acoustic Driven with Heart felt meaningful lyrics

CLOSE YOUR EYES WAS WRITTEN BECAUSE I NEEDED A VOICE:the streets, the faces the, people, the devastated buildings the broken hearts

I wanted the people around me to feel secure & safe again....That's when Close Your Eyes was created.

Writing lyrics that are self-consciously meaningful feels right in this song...

Thanks For listening

Why this name?
This is my first cd of "Solo" material,
So the title "Alan Towers" seems the no brainer.

As with anything else you cannot do it alone...
With very special thanx to my good friends
Donnie Broughton AND Eric Anctil for adding their great talents to the music...
without those twists and turns some of the songs would have been very different...
Do you play live?
Yes, I love to play live!!!
After the sessions are done and the cd goes to press for "Hold On to Me"

Rock n Roll Entertainment Agency will begin booking a tour to promote the new single.

Some of the first shows will be in and around Raleigh, NC.

Any special Moments? While performing in Matrixx we did a showcase in New York at S.I.R.
The day we went in Billy Sqire was in one room, Mick Jagger in another, and it felt like we were in great company. It was an oportunity to see how Larger than life Names live when not in the spotlight,(They are just like you and me).

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is turning the record companies into companies that mostly do artist promotion. Musicians by way of the internet are in more control of their own careers.
On the flip side the internet has made "File Sharing" so easy that selling Material is complicated when you are trying to recoupe money you've spent on making the product. The Internet has really messed up the Music industry as we have known it, but At some point it will even out and laws or rules will be in place to make sure Credit is given where credit is due..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I would. My Management team is strong.
This is a business. I am sure we will find the right record label after we sell 50k plus units.
It is a business and with the internet at our hands everything is with-in our reach.
Your influences?
I grew up loving Harry Chapin, Kiss, Poison, Cat Stevens............

My music can range from acoustic to Rock

Something you my think sounds like ummm-
Jorney, Bon Jovi, John Mayor

Check it out and I hope you enjoy.......Thanx Alan
Favorite spot?
Wherever I am sitting with a guitar.
Equipment used:
Anything that sounds good and is available
I don't believe in posting Credit to companies that don't pay me to advertise for them
Anything else...?
I hope you enjoy Close your Eyes.

I am working on the final mix for the rest of the Disk check for new material when you get a chance or

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