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Just a random amateur composer. Mostly I am interested in ambient/electronic/space music. Currently using only computer software. Creating since the middle of 2007. For updates please visit My Official Page

My first album
My second album
My third album
My fourth album and first EP
My fifth album
My sixth album

Everything is free download. Alternative links:

Stellardrone at bandcamp (buy and support)
Stellardrone at Jamendo
Why this name?
I wanted a pseudonym that would be as original as possible (so that google initially would show zero results) and thus created a project called "Stellardrone", stellar (meaning stars) + drone (type of music or state of being, it can be interpreted in few ways).
Do you play live?
Occasionally, yes, but I prefer being alone in my room-studio and creating music or just messing with sounds.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet has changed musical industry completely. Monopolistic IP laws are harder and harder to enforce, so they will eventually (hopefully) vanish. Commercialists are angry as always, not a suprise to me. They've been leeching for quite a long time. Internet offers huge cheap and sometimes even free advertisizing (promotion) capabilities that weren't available (or was too expensive) 20 years ago. Back then bands struggled to get their cassetes to play on the radio. Now it's all free (or relatively cheap) and easy to promote your own music without much effort. Take advantage of it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Why? I would rather make my own net label. Come on, this is 21st century now, there are so many ways to promote your music almost at no cost. Record labels are completely unnecessary these days, in my opinion. Especially those, who still release music in physical CDs.
Band History:
1987 - started to breath.
2007 - started creating music, searching for my own style.
2009 - started creating under the pseudonym of Stellardrone.
Your influences?
There are so many artists, just to mention a few and most influential: Kelly Bailey, Aaron Marshall, Altus, Nine Inch Nails, Igneous Flame, Moby, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Klaus Schulze and of course Palancar.
Favorite spot?
Sun. It's that hot thing in space.
Equipment used:
Propellerhead Reason, Audacity, sometimes Ableton and various VST's.
Anything else...?
I love cats.
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