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Dimaension X - I Am Become Daevel
NEWS   Available NOW!! "I Am Become Daevel" - the full album!
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"I Am Become Daevel" - the new album, something old, something new

... the years 2000 - 2001 were musically interesting, ... I was discovering some new bands (to me, anyway - Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Krisiun, Enslaved, Gorguts, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Sigh, Darkthrone, Children of Bodom, and AYREON!!) and experimenting with Drop-D tuning on a 4-string guitar (a la Max Cavalera)

This album is the result of my discoveries and experimentation- all of the "metal" sections were composed seven years ago, and demo-ed, but never fully and completely recorded, since I wasn't quite ready to commit them to permanent form (and I just couldn't quite play them the way I wanted them to sound, due to inferior technique or equipment).

Since I now have better guitar sounds (Line 6 !!), better MIDI/synth sounds (EZ Drummer, Edirol Orchestra HQ), and I think I am a better guitar player (hopefully), I felt to need to finalize these puppies! I also felt the need to put them to rest, as this may be my last heavy music project for a while. More on that later.
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You can also download the full album at:
The Internet Archive

Please visit my blog page at Dimaension X Realm
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Why this name?
... explained in other locations, too long to go into, expecially the album title, ...
Band History:
All music composed and performed by Dimaension X.
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Studio Diabolica Della Cucina, Leominster, MA.

Copyright 2007 by LanceByNightMuzik Productions

As I said above, Drop-D tuning on a 4-string guitar - I guess I was attempting to create something very different than the usual metal that I was hearing, and I was trying to find inspiration from simply playing the guitar in a different way (I'm usually very much a standard tuning guitarist). The guitar tuned this way allowed me to play full chords by barring one finger across the whole neck - only 4 strings forced my to play more "vertically" and simply, but I still wanted to try to create complex "sounding" songs.

I was also just learning about "blast-beats", black metal, and technical death metal. I know, these things have been around for awhile - I'm what you might call a "late-bloomer" to newer extreme metal. So these songs were my attempt at something old, yet new, technical, yet simple to play (so I thought!).

What's up with the title of the album? Difficult to explain, ... it is also an extension of my need for R&R as will be explained, ... the song titles are a bit easier to explain or at least recognize if you are a graphic artist or typesetter.

...maybe not...
Your influences?
Too many too really name, but the list includes just about every metal band I've listened to in the last twenty years! Crunchy, riff-oriented modern metal with clean production and symphonic orchestral sections.
Equipment used:
Yamaha SJ 550 HR guitar, DiMarzio Pickups, Fender P-Bass, Line 6 POD XTLive, ION edrums, Toontrack EZ DRummer, SONOR HS6, Edirol Orchestral HQ, Sytrus, and way too many other VSTi's to mention....
Anything else...?
I believe I am at a crossroads-turning point-crucible in my current amateur musical exploits. Am I getting too old for metal? Sure I'm the same age as Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Dave Mustaine, and Glenn Benton. I'm younger than Steve Vai, Arjen A. Lucassen, and Jaz Coleman. I'm waaayyyyy younger than Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Dio, Rob Halford and Lemmy. But I feel that I am at a turning point in my listening and playing enjoyment. I feel the need for more atmosphere and expression, rather than rage and aggression. I am becoming something more than just an old metalhead. I am becoming something more than just a guitarist. All things in my life are currently changing (job, health, approaching middle-age, my son in college and becoming an adult, etc., ... ). I Am Become Daevel, the next evolutionary process in my life.

So, ... what is next for Dimaension X? Only the future will tell.