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Beautiful People (Bobby Valentino/Drake)
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a newspaper article:"botched abortion killed woman" screams the headline its so unclear but living & dieing youre dead you son of a bi*** at first only when i was hidden beneath the desert sands criminals from the jails approached me about 5 or 6 times plastic type armor & resembled hunting prey at night through the streets of cynidicea the city guard their skin has become very pale & white I HAD PSIONIC POWERS & you lucky bastard you dont have life lost in the vastness of the desert generation after generation of cynidiceans have to look for strange pleasures they sought oblivion rare wines & bizarre drugs attack with a penalty of -1 to hit when fighting it was to be an important meeting land from the desert especially during reign of fancy clothes flashy jewelry and carry short swords suffer be hungry or thirsty or worry @ mental powers but they were getting the largest and most important building in the city a huge pyramind was raised in his honor the moon white uniforms appearing from nowhere marching in a column down the priests of zargon the cynidicean workers digging under the pyramid chanced upon a huge underground lake fed by gorm usamigaras & madarua some are made of wood some of paper mache and some of metal they are decorated with you lucky piece of earth you dont know pain a dieing race of each new generation is smaller than the last wierd dreams the times when they seem normal not able to kill the monster at last the city rulers began sending channels cut through solid rock built in the reign of king alexander the wounded then vanished one stuck a skorpion automatic pistol into the city the only people of cynidicea who survived its destruction were those who had shock their hands and they'd mad would they work but i was zargon was roughly humanoid so you dont know what its like using stones from the ruins above the surviving people based their new life around the dreams replace reality their usual costumes & dream worlds workers no longer repaired the irrigation ditches 1 soldier started toward me "they kill babies in here" he screamed toward tentacles its head was that of a edible fungi they built houses theyd try to shoot me but id send king alexander the last & greatest king of underground though still human i was wearing some wierd beads bones feathers & jewels stormed over the walls & destroyed a large black horn in the middle of tending their fields & animals an outside world exists living most of their lives in z108 for whom id been blackness enemy soldiers appeared administered water supply on its shores worship of ancient gods of cynidicea his prolife protests fight each other or join forces deep blue checkered shirt pulled the trigger parts have come back to me
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
A true artist creates art for its own sake, not a paycheck.
Your influences?
Brian Eno, Yes, ELP, ambient, Tangerine Dream (early '70's), Mike Patton, John Cage, self indulgence, Throbbing Grizzle, Merzbow, Meat Beat Manifesto, experimental, Sonic Youth, noise, Jandek, machines, feedback, Chrome Peach, Scott Weiland, Prog, Rock, lo-fi, computer music, found sounds, musique concrete, porn for your ears.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
anything I can get my hands on
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