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play hi-fi  Dust
play hi-fi  Entropy
play hi-fi  Corrosion
play hi-fi  While You Sleep
play hi-fi  No-one Knew Kitty Like Me
play hi-fi  SoLow
play hi-fi  VoidStar
play hi-fi  Shine Forever
play hi-fi  Bell Rotation Redux
play hi-fi  Three Streams
Exploring worlds through loop and drone.

Note: These tracks are over 10 mins long, and - being shy - often take several minutes to fully emerge from the introductory gloom. Please, give them patience and they'll reward you.
Why this name?
It's a deliberate mis-spelling of Madraykin by Queen Adreena. It's a long story...
Your influences?
Clint Mansell
Brian Eno
Cliff Martinez
Robert Fripp
Favorite spot?
Plenty: New York (Kate's Diner in particular), Portland (best bookshop ever), and Stalheim in Norway (Europe's steepest road... walked down, then up in error), and the town of Mendicino in California
Equipment used:
1 laptop, E-Mu 0404 interface, Andromeda A6, a couple of mics, Audiomulch, Noatikl, energyXT, 4ormulator vocoder, Absynth 4, EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, Toxic III, Rhino and Voxengo's Pristine Space with Spirit Canyon IRs, and several other wonderful tools.
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