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The Peach Tree
NEWS   Now part of Angus' indie label Tribal Dancing Kid.
The Colour Of Your Eyes
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The first song I ever wrote (in about 5 minutes in a flood of emotion). A nice lament. Performed at an open mic night at The Bendigo Hotel.
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The Peach Tree began in Melbourne Australia, circa 2003, as the concept of a band, but later morphed into the solo recordings and vision of writer/musician/producer Angus Maiden. He believes in the freedom of copyable information and encourages everyone to download his tracks and distribute them for free.

The Peach Tree sound ranges across a very broad spectrum of genres, from death metal and rock, to pop, techno, synthpop, trip-hop and even classical. If you don't like a song, try another, as they vary greatly.

The vision of the music is to present both sides of the coin: dark and light, yin and yang, good and evil, love and loss, happiness and sadness. The themes explored reflect this idea of balance in all things, as do the constantly shifting and flowing styles and genres.
Why this name?
The name "The Peach Tree" came about when the project was in its early stages as the beginnings of a band. Angus began writing songs with school friend Michael Cooney under his peach tree in his yard. They agreed it would be a good name for a band, symbolising the potential for life yet also recognising the rotting aspect of fallen fruit. The name stuck and has since carried over to become Angus's solo project name after the band dispersed.
Do you play live?
I do not play live at the moment but I'd sure love to if I could get my hands on a nice laptop.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is amazing and is revolutionising the way we think about music. There is no middle-man anymore. Artists can connect directly to their fans on their own terms and have 100% creative control over their material. It is a million times easier for fans to find music that they really really will like, rather than being told what they should like. I can be quoted as saying that music should be free, and that if artists want to make some money they should be satisfied working in some boring job and stoked that when they get home their guitar/keyboard and computer are sitting there ready to love. However, recently I've come to the conclusion that an artist should be allowed to have making music as their occupation, and be able to eat off it. Hence starting the indie label Tribal Dancing Kid. The Big Labels are backwards and all this sueing people who bittorrent stuff is crap, they're out the door and it's us little guys that are paving the way for the future. I honestly don't mind if people steal my music, the internet is a lawless place which is part of what makes it beautiful, and I have a lot of music out there for free. But I need to eat too, so if people can afford to buy my music, then I offer it for consumption just like a cafe offers coffee. F*** big labels and their money-grubbing tactics though; for the people that are at the heart of music: the fans and artists, the internet revolution is incredible, and we should all embrace it. :)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
F no.
Band History:
It began circa 2003 as school friends Angus Maiden and Michael Cooney's concept of a band; a band that would break genre barriers and reach across the music spectrum to touch a whole host of different individuals. The duo began writing songs together after they finished school and practised sporadically, but the dream of being up there on stage delivering their message always seemed faraway. Although both Cooney and Gus had their own songs that they brought to the table and also had songs that they wrote together, they never got around to recording anything together. Meanwhile a fire burned in Gus for their music to be heard, and in the next few years he actively recorded new material that he had written solo, and began to put it up on the net. But Cooney was skeptical of putting stuff out there that was frankly unrefined and amateurish. Gus, not wanting to filter what he felt was good, raw, plaintive material, put up the music he had written and recorded across a range of sites almost as soon as they occured.

From 2003 to 2006 the two kept their dream that they would form a "proper" band and start delivering their songs to local audiences. They continued to jam and officialy recruited new members, but never fully coalesced into a cohesive entity. Members of the "band" at one point reached 5 members: Cooney (guitar, vocals), Gus (guitar, vocals), Erin (bass), Sarah (synth, piano) and Bourkey (drums), but as people do, they all led busy lives and slowly, they dispersed. Angus kept at it, though, as his dream of forming a band morphed into the pure pleasure of writing and recording music, and releasing it for free on the net.

Since its humble beginnings The Peach Tree's sound has improved drastically, as has the level of sound production in the recordings. And it's only gonna get better.

In 2010 Angus "went pro" with his music under his label Tribal Dancing Kid.
Your influences?
I have always been surrounded by music from a huge range of different styles, and my influences over the years would be a list as long as Santa's.

To boil it down to three major influences though I would say Radiohead, Opeth, and Infected Mushroom. Three very different bands with very different sounds but that have touched me equally. Before I go further: if you saw "Radiohead" and cringed, get the hell off my page. I don't care how popular they've become, they are still absolute legends. I have never been a fan of people who pick and choose their music based on how popular they are (on either end of the spectrum).

I love Radiohead for the pure aesthetics of the music as well as their incredible musicality, it's been a long time since they settled for simple power chord riffs, and it seems every new album they put out is new, exciting, fresh and different.

As for Opeth, I absolutely love their dynamics, their ability to go from soft to hard in a heartbeat and totally throw your equilibrium around: it's a hell of a ride and I try to incorporate that sort of chopping and changing in my own music.

Infected Mushroom are just awesome, they were the first psy-trance artist I ever heard and I have since fallen in love with the genre. Some people think they are tacky but I just love them.

To boil the long list down to a few other majorly important influences: Pavement, Cradle of Filth, Talkshow Boy, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, The Pixies, Blur, Oasis
Favorite spot?
Mont Martre in Paris, where I had the best steak of my life. Next to that, anywhere in my beautiful home city, Melbourne.
Equipment used:
Propellerhead Reason
Cort Acoustic Guitar
Cakewalk Homestudio
Roland VA-5 Synth
Yamaha EG112 Electric Guitar
Roland Cube30 Amp
Yamaha MG12/4 Mixer
A rusty computer
Macbook Pro
003 Rack+
Anything else...?
Taoism forever.

The Peach Tree's free tracks are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License. Everything else is copyright Tribal Dancing Kid Productions.
Angus Maiden