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Sukru Guyaba's
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play hi-fi  FayaKizto - Dansi Gi Mi (Dance for me)
play hi-fi  03.Faya_Kizto Ftr Diamond - Sranang Kondre
play hi-fi  demo kizto&billy
play hi-fi  04.FayaKizto ftr.Bongo,Daimond&Billyman - No wani
play hi-fi  06.FayaKizto - Princess.mp3
play hi-fi  07.FayaKizto - If mi na de.mp3
play hi-fi  05.FayaKizto ftr.Mr,Ice - Pussy boy mp3
play hi-fi  01.FayaKizto ftr Kwaku Pinta&Daimond - Faraway.mp3
play hi-fi  02.FayaKizto ftr Billyman - Deng Moi Uman'f Sranan
Why this name?
I Choose My Band Name Because of A Fruit They Call It Guyaba (grapefruit)Sukru Means Sugar in surinam
Do you play live?
Yes I play Live And Surely I Like It
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes little bit ..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
nooo helll nooo
Your influences?
This Is A African Root Music .Spoken in surinam..
Favorite spot?
Paramaribo - Amsterdam/Amsterdam - Paramaribo
mama fu mi
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