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Hello there my Name is Nick and I like to make music. I play drums, bass, guitar, some piano, and I sing. Check out my stuff! (you can contact me on AOL. My two screen names are "Quafboy" and "ThisDayRock" without the qoutes)
Why this name?
I couldn't think of a band name so I just said This Day will do fine.
Do you play live?
I play anywhere and everywhere.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes, it increases the chance for unheard artists to express and get thier music out to more people. (I love the internet also.)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes. You would have to be an idiot not to, unless they wanted your soul..
Band History:
I was in alot of bands. But I could never find "that" chemistry that makes a band. Although I have met a few phenominal musicans, they all were involved in bands already and weren't confident enough with there abilities enough to recognize they could be doing much better in older bands. (To younger bands: I am not intending to insult you it's just rarer to find young talent) From this point on I had all but given up on finding other bands and it struck me that I played all the instruments necessary to be in a band with myself. If a label likes the record they can find some stand-in's for 20 bucks an hour. Still open-minded to new members/interests.
Your influences?
I could write in all the artists I listen to currently or write the artist I listened to growing up. (the second of the two being an embarrasing list of bands so It will be excluded)

If I had to say what bands have shaped me the most
though I'd immeadiately think of:

Ben Folds Five. Original creative masterminds. Seriously, if you don't agree after listening to the albumn "naked baby photo's" you can't consider yourself a real musican. Although broken up ben is still one of my favorites with his new solo stuff. Ben can force you to feel for his fictional?/non-fictional characters in a big way with his words. Which leads me to next influence Elliott Smith. The man was a very depressed, emotionally, disturbed being, who wrote songs that actually made you as a listener depressed yet moved by the poetic tapistry that he wove with just a few lines and a couple chords.
Death Cab For Cutie- Need I say more? Production master. Daft Punk- also production masters. and finally Incubus. They make sci-fi almost cool... (almost). They also are production masters.
Favorite spot?
my jenny's pupils. I get lost in them.
Equipment used:
Oscar Schmidt, Fender Redondo (taken by friend of relative), RickenBacher '79 Bass, oh yeah! Tama Grand Star Custom
Anything else...?
Don't forget the dream today, tommorrow is just around the bend.
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