Prairie Breeze
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play hi-fi  Smoke
play hi-fi  Starlight in the Sky
play hi-fi  Impromptu
play hi-fi  Swan Serenade
play hi-fi  After All
play hi-fi  The Sun Comes Up in Your Eyes
play hi-fi  Shadow of the Moon
play hi-fi  Midnight Minuet II
play hi-fi  This Old Man
play hi-fi  Jean's Homecoming
Not a band--just me trying to get down what I hear in my head.
Why this name?
I grew up in western Oklahoma (on the prairie) and I love the wide open spaces there--seeing for miles, being able to see the sunrise and sunset every single day. It's got its own beauty. And while I don't appreciate the strong winds, the breezes are wonderful.

Mamabear is because I mentor/mother lots of young people and I get as ticked as a mama bear when they get hurt.
Do you play live?
I only play live in church right now, but it's a pretty sweet grand piano so that's pretty fun.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably not gonna happen, but you never know!
Your influences?
Country, pop, oldies, soft rock, CCM. And I've been inspired by the pianists Allan Hall with Selah, Bruce Rowland, John Williams, Jon Schmidt, Dino, Richard Clayderman and personal friends Ron Thrall and Matt Carlsen.
Favorite spot?
Probably the beach
Equipment used:
Keyboard, computer, Cakewalk software, my 10 fingers.