Low Standards
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play hi-fi  Blues in C--Katana
play hi-fi  TDPRI Week 40 - Jazzy Blues in Am
play hi-fi  TDPRI Twanger Central #14
play hi-fi  Twanger Central Week 4
play hi-fi  Twanger Central BT 1-Eichaan
play hi-fi  TDPRI-August Mark 2 _G_
play hi-fi  TDPRI-August 2014 Jam - 8_5_14, 12.11 PM
play hi-fi  TDPRI July 2014-EML
play hi-fi  3ampclip
play hi-fi  Psychedelic Blues in B-Solo Excerpt
Why this name?
Because when you play for your friends (as I do) they fortunately have Low Standards.
Equipment used:
Behringer VAMP-2; GM-110 amplifier; GDI-21 pedal; PB-100 booster; Behringer mic and mixer. Vox Pathfinder 15R; Marshall Split Fifty Reverb; Garageband on my iMac.

Axes include: 1991 Guild Songbird, 1990 American Standard Stratocaster, 2000 Carvin DC-127, 2006 Agile AL-3000, 2008 Silver Creek T-160, 2012 Xaviere Telecaster
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