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......Guess it started 25 years ago with the 'Casio VL tone' playing along to Numan and Vangelis....progressed on to Roland drum machines and hooked into scratch mixing and even became a serious guitar player....but I keep coming back to the sonic sounds of electronica........Look out for Bulli™

Why this name?
It's all in the name you know (Bullimore)
Do you play live?
Not for a while.....Although I miss jamming with friends, it's also neat connecting with folk around the world over the net.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
for the better.....making music was supposed to be about expression of your thoughts, ideas and's all about connecting with people.....not getting rich (although that's also cool eh!!)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
like I said....getting rich is cool as well
Band History:
DCD (Def Cut Duo)
Steve.P and myself scratching up the beat the old school way.....literally, when we were back at school!!!! Started out with tape mixes of early 80's electro, leading on to turntablism, (along with the other 3 elements). Regular shouts on Capital Radio's Mike Allen show and later joined by MC Quid.

Invisible Energy Temple
One time DJ crew partner 'Supastion' and myself re-formed...but this time on guitars, bass, Roland drum machines and keyboards (Steve on Bass and Jase on vocals also form a local grunge group called 'Peach Razor')

Jase was the rapper for Def Cut Duo and original vox with 'Peach Razor' ......Scale was a cocktail of some thought provoking lyrics and pop style keys and guitars - backed with some breakbeats just for old times.

Steve and Bulli back again....this time with with a psychedelic attitude and some more electronics........wah wah's and dot delays are ever present and they also get a 4 track!!! (a diet of Hip Hop, Ozrics, Ambient and Electronica shape their sound)

So the Mix Maestro became the Unique DJ, hung the decks up for drum machines and samplers.....claimed another string to his bow with his Stratocaster, until the birth Virtual Instruments.....and then had it all inside FL Studio.

Final Re-incarnation for a digital world!!!

Your influences?
electronica, instrumental, guitars, breakbeats, symphonic, turntablism, synths, drum machines, samples, and anything else that'll fit in.
Favorite spot?
the spot which keeps appearing on my back is quite cool!!
Equipment used:
FL STUDIO and anything else to make....
electronica, instrumental, guitars, breakbeats, symphonic, turntablism, synths, drum machines, samples.........
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