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Matt Kane
NEWS   new tracks out from "Threading the Needle", new electronics under the Intellectrical nom de musica..
Kaoss Test 3, by Matt Kane
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06/05/12 @ 07:44 PM     post a comment
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An experimental electro track from the 'Chemical Eyes' album released in September 2011..
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raised with wild animals; jammin since i could walk; movements like a red bull bunny with geographical A.D.D. in the night; determined to destroy the failing old ideals of the past and rebuild a better future for the world; out there, somewhere, right now, maybe right behind you.............
All songs, production, and artwork by MK... also check out my production page at
Why this name?
i was born with it
Do you play live?
Kickin around San Francisco, Treasure Island, Tahoe, or Reno usually....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Allows broke fools like me to distribute..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah,, that'll happen...
Band History:
making it right now...
Your influences?
DADA ... life is f***ed up, so art should be f***ed up... ABSTRACT EXPRESSION .... there is no mistake, just motion and emotion.. THE KILLER PANDAS .... pretty much the release from this realm of reality so I can make somewhat "normal" tunes and not just write angry..
Favorite spot?
The Apple Observatory
Equipment used:
I use a lot of Boss equipment, the looper, amp, and recording stuff.
Anything else...?
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