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play hi-fi  Power of Love
play hi-fi  Got A Feeling (Club Edit)
play hi-fi  Love (Extended Mix)
play hi-fi  U R THE 1 (LIVE MIX) Part 1 Gigafunk
play hi-fi  U R THE 1 (LIVE MIX) Part 2 Gigafunk
play hi-fi  Spiritual Awakening (LIVE MIX)Part 1 (10)9th
play hi-fi  Spiritual Awakening (LIVE MIX)part 2 (10)9th
play hi-fi  Higher & Higher (Florida Mix)
play hi-fi  U R THE 1 (Radio Edit)
play hi-fi  I Need Somebody
Gigafunk's (Live Dj Mixes) Are All Original Tracks produced by Wess Meredith, Matt Rousseau & Tommy Who (Vocalist) Shannon Yoesle, Heather Miller & Brandi Starr (aka) Gigafunk
Mixed live by Wess Meredith

Gigafunk has over 40 songs on 12" records under his belt, With exclusive vocals from 3 different vocalists contracted to gigafunk's GFR & Ten2the9th labels only, which gives gigafunk's original work its own unique one of a kind sound when playing a live Dj set, that sounds Identical to Gigafunk's live shows with girls singing on stage with synth gear and drum machines. All mixes are all gigafunk songs pressed on records, You've heard his mixes, You've heard his live show, He only plays his own songs in his mixes.

To get a feel of gigafunk's live performance check out gigafunk's live Dj sets on the top of this page, all tracks in mixes are gigafunk songs, U R THE 1 original songs (LIVE MIX) part 1 & 2 or (10)9th Spiritual Awakening Remixes (LIVE MIX) part 1 & 2, Remixes are mostly original work, Vocals are contracted from other labels, Gigafunk in the mix mixing all his released records live. Check out his new releases @ myspace.com/gigafunkrecords (Enjoy)
Why this name?
Giga stands for ten to the ninth power. For example (a gigafunk is funks) That should explain both names.
Your influences?
dj icey, infiniti, dj fixx, dj sharaz, huda hudia, baby anne, djs friction & spice, factor-e, brad smith, dave london, merlyn, burufunk, dj trashy, deceptaconz, dj santana, dj fbi, eric berreta, Wutam & j-break, exzakt, agent-k, doc roc, kelly reverb, mike & charlie, tony faline, keith mackenzie, r-fresh, dj x, mondo, dave burg, k-5, jackal & hyde, hydraulic, rick west malicious mike, rabbit in the moon, dynamix II, koshen, hybrid, crystal method, plump dj, tampa breaks, miami breaks, eros, delerium.
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