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A n*** from the C port city of Savannah tryna eat. On my grind n sh*** 4 real! Tryna proliferate Touchdown Ent in the peach state like 50 did da Unit n da Apple. I plan to use the steps that he used to take over the game. I could market my life story like Curtis did because i know that it would resonate w/ the people. They like to see the underdog triumph under pressure n shit. No folding for me. Touchdown branded on my skin. My street niggas is f***in w/ TD Ent. Savannah is ready to be the next Mecca of Hiphop.
Why this name?
"Trap" is slang in the peach state that acts as a synonym to the grinds where hustlers peddle. Since the 80s was the peak of the Crack Era, and I was an 80s baby, I named myself Trapbaby.
Do you play live?
I perform @ local clubs. I remeber when I was doing a show @ the Progressive center and some chick asked me for my shirt.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I give you a chance to proliferate yourself on a higher level. The superspeed highway connects you to people around the world. Its really easy to get yourself heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Even though the advance is recoupable n shit, I'd sign a major label deal. I'd have to get a few lawyers by my side to make sure the Record Exec aint tryna bullshit me. I need my masters. Independent label is better for building hype and helps to fortify a fanbase. I would stay until I'm gauranteed a faithful core audience of atleast 50,000 people.
Your influences?
I had an ass of MCs that inspired me as a lil nigga. These aspiring rappers had an influence on me so paramount that it helped contribute to my swag (the way i walk, dress, talk to hoes; etc). Over the years I've looked to these mothaf***as for guidance when I was working on my craft as a child. The individuals who had so much depth behind what they said that the imagery was cinematically instilled in my head. These are the people: Scarface, The Product, Getoboys, Bun B, Pimp C, Outkast, Soulja Slim (I'll pay if I want it bi***!), Juvenile, B.G., Boosie, Camoflauge (R.I.P. King of Savannah), Weebie, Crime Aphilliates, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, Z RO, Devin Tha Dude, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies, Trina (thats a bad bi***!), C Murder (f*** w/ Death Around The Corner), Warren G (Regulate!), Dr. Dre, Tupac (played a significant role in hip hop), Outlawz, Dungeon Family, Boyz N Da Hood and all the other niggas whose melodies flooded the streets of Savannah. Ninetyoneduece 4 Life. If i had a tattoo for every n*** we lost so far Wayne wouldn't have sh*** on me. Just to name a few: R.I.P. to Bullet, Veckio, Phil and Bam Bam, ya dig? I'm Savannah to the death of me, nigga. I'd also like to give a special thanks to my heart and soul (Shamona Maddoxx). She's everything to a nigga. She know what I'm tryna do with this music sh*** and she behind me one hundred %. She my gutter bi*** 4 real tho. We on our second one now. Without her backing me in my time of need I'd be assed out. I LUV U! Shouts out to my step son and my baby girl 2. Touchdown Ent in the building! Plottin Ways of Makin Millions. Touchdowny! We sh*** on nigga!
Favorite spot?
Savannah Mall. I need to get fresh n shit, ya dig!?
Equipment used:
I f*** w/ the basic sh*** I'm able to record w/ right now. I brought the Tascam for recording, Reason 3.0. to lay down the vocals on, a mic, a filter, and some other sh*** that I dont need to tell you bout. I started f***in w/ that fruity loops to try my hand @ production. I'm gettin better @ it.
Anything else...?

Trapbaby got that new powder for the fiends.

Touchdown has an official movement: M.O.B. (Money Over Babies) Get Yo Paper up before you stick yo dick in.
Raw Doggin requires residual.
pussy is just a wallot without using protection. M.O.B is the next 8732. I'm a pioneer! I'm jewish w/ the dick because the gina spits out babies. Listen to the music!
Respect da Hood
Thats Us
912 till the death of me!

Trapbaby and Caddy daddy
Savannah Ga
Touchdowny: We sh*** on niggas
Catch Me While I'm a Local n*** series