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Arthur Tudy Taddi
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About Arthur Tudy Taddi
Tudy was a musician's musician and my good friend for most of my life...he came to us from San Antonio and spent most of the rest of his life in Fort Worth....he played for along time at the"Cellars" and also "Daddios" downtown he played in The Celler Dwellars, Stray Dog, Little Whisper and the Rumours just to name a few....he was an influence to literally thousnds of musicians...he played expertly drums,bass, guitar, keyboards, and harp, he could get music out of any instrument.......he was a very good artist.....he was most of all a genuially nice guy and a great human being....he had his faults he had many ups and downs....but he lived his life to the max ...he is missed and I hope this page will help him get the regonition he deserves.... If any one out ther has pictures ,tapes,or any information about Tudy or about the songs on this site please contact me so I can add it...Rest In peace old friend we all loved you and we still do .....Little Paul Sevy

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Band History:
He played in The CellarDwellars, Stray Dog, Little Whisper and the Rumours
and the Jazz Cafe Jazz band ....Daddios jazz band...he was respected and loved by everyone he knew.....
Your influences?
The Beatles, Bobby Bland, BB King, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Tiger Garland
Equipment used:
Tudy played a Les Paul and almost always a Fender Percission bass