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play hi-fi  01 - One Of A Kind
play hi-fi  02 - Under The Stars
play hi-fi  03 - HEARTbreaker
play hi-fi  04 - Numb
play hi-fi  05 - Alone In This World
play hi-fi  06 - Leave Me
play hi-fi  07 - Glow
play hi-fi  08 - Take Off Your Mask
play hi-fi  09 - Weaker
play hi-fi  10 - brainFREEZE

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Band History:
CRAM's been rapping since 1999/2000, he's put out "The Ending Begins", "AmeriCRAM", "Just CRAM It", "Me Against Myself" "Eyes Wide Open", "Poetic Justice", "Soul Of A Poet" and most recently "Darker Side Of My Soul" he also worked on 2 duo albums with friend and fellow emcee Bucks on their self titled debut album "Whiteout" and their follow up sophomore album "Back By Popular Demand", sold a good amount of copies of each. In 2003 as a Senior in High School Cram released his album "Eyes Wide Open" which was clearly his most successful album, it was released soon before his Senior Prom, and after performing 2 songs the year before at his Junior Prom, he was asked to write and record a song for his senior class to perform, he collaborated with long time friend and incredible singer Allison Stephen on a co-written song titled "After High School" prior to the prom the song was played on the local [Buffalo, NY] radio station Kiss 98.5 at rush hour [5:00p.m.] Cram continued to work on new material and experimented with new sounds, genres and created more eclectic, creative and innovative music. Currently working with artist Keyz of R3 Entertainment [ and ] on a project as a duo they formed in early 2006 called "Second Chance" Once their debut demo/EP/album is complete Cram will be putting together and hosting a Mixtape [Mixtape title still pending] and he will then begin to work on yet another album which is guarenteed to to top all the rest. Keep your ears and minds open, Cram's well on his way to even more success....
Your influences?
Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Atmosphere, Beck, Joe Budden, Lil' Wayne, Tupac, Linkin Park, Common, Gym Class Heroes, Incubus, Mat Kearney, Rage Against The Machine, Outkast, Biggie, Big L, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rakim, The Roots, Big Pun, LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Method Man, Redman, Styles Of Beyond, Eminem, Brother Ali, G. Love, Fabolous, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Talib Kweli, Fort Minor, Young Love, T-Pain, Anthony Hamilton, Staind, Jimi Hendrix, Urban Mystic, Maxwell, Usher, etc.....
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