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Hello cherished listeners, fans and interested people! Its great that you are hear...
So what would you like to know about this groundbreaking london Rock Outfit?
Well we believe that, next to jazz, Rock is the widest genre there is and one that allows us to pull all our wide influences together and produce them coherently. We value interesting meaningful music and above all, great songs.
The album - Synesthesia - is PRODUCED by FRANCIS ROSSI and GREGG JACKMAN. In case you were wondering how its done, you kind of Unleash a shy celtic girl with Operatic vocals against a wild colourful rock background. Hold together with tight songs, allow space for musicians to go wherever they want and you get MACARA. Engage mind, body and soul for best experience.
Why this name?
well it involved punching, scratching, bi***-slaps, man screaming and a little self flagellation - da vinci code style. Eventually we decided that it would be best ( for our continued survival) to take the name of our front-gal, Laura MACARA. Macara as a name is open enough for us to creat our own meaning to attach to it, we hope you agree :-)
Do you play live?
We live to play live. Thank god that todays market favours the live musician because if we couldnt do it we would be out.We love it.
We have played some amazing shows and for us and our fans they create a feeling that you just cant get anywhere else. Amongst the highlights are Hammersmith Apollo London (and all dates on REO support tour), our slot at Holkham hall National Trust gig in front of 7000 people!..oh and of course our impromptu concert to South londons biggest Dogging car park...but we'll tell you more about that when we meet you....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
this is a beautiful time for music. There is more of it about and we can get literally anything we want. The internet has smashed open distribution channels and allowed markets of music fans to find common spaces that they would have been oblivious to before. If we can get anything we want on a song by song basis then the only question that remains is - how do you find out what else you want? This allows a shift to an information based market were trusted knowledge is the most valuable. Live performances are now essential to establishing credibility and so the quality of musicianship becomes a feature. This is, we believe, how it should be. You either cry that the old ways are gone forever or you stop interrupting music fans with mediocrity and clones, and embrace the change.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
There are, im sure, factions within the majors that are responsive and innovative. A major (or any large corporation) is much like an oil tanker, in that it takes ages for it to turn or change direction. If one comes along that values passionately created product, grasps 'purple cow-esque' marketing and treats its musicians as equals.........we would love to talk :-) In parallel with other formats that the modern industry comprises, a major could be useful.
Band History:
Formed in early 2005, the formula for putting this together kind of goes like this......
How To Make MACARA =
One part shy celtic girl with opera/classical vocal training, a devilish dark side and heavenly light side, great songwriting skills and a love for all music. (LAURA MACARA) One part voodoo guitar guy from the tropics with odd take on the world, bit of a guitar geek,and loves to write a good song. (BOANECKER ILLY) Three parts some of londons finest young multi-instrumentalists. Core Talents must include : Very Solid Guitarist with bat-like ears,(ANDY BROOK) Damn Strong Bassist, with gigantic musical biceps(PAUL SUMPTER Flavourful Drummer to make your mouth water.(LEON CAVE)
Your influences?
muse, QOTSA, RATM, the fratellis, jimi hendrix, Frank Zappa, incubus, metallica, Fiest, The Noisettes, Rock, soundgarden, alternative rock, metal, audioslave, biffy clyro, Kings X, Sikth, Marvin gaye , soul , james brown, funk, parliament, ohio players, brass construction, stevie wonder, skunk anansie, foo fighters, led zeppelin, dave matthews, jeff buckley, Aretha franklin, Taj mahal, Robert Johnson,
Favorite spot?
Wherever the music's rollin'
Equipment used:
Small needle-like metal poles affixed to the cerebral cortex.