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Eric Peter Schwartz
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Quirky, funny, tragic, romantic, nostalgic -I am never quite sure how to describe my brand of folky, acoustic music. As far as influences -everything I've ever listened to from Woody Guthrie to Def Leppard.

This Soundclick page, which I have been running for years, is my FOUND OBJECTS page. Old tracks, live stuff, demos stuff I like that just won't or hasn't made it to an album. Stuff unavailable elsewhere.

If you like my music and would like to hear more from my albums, visit my WEBSITE.
Why this name?
Well... first I ran a six-month demographic study and hired a polling company out of Boston. It was expensive and counter productive... OKAY! I'm lying. It's my name. Actually there is a handful of Eric Schwartzes running around the country playing different types of music. I've talked to many of them - they are all exceptionally talented. So, rather than confusing things more, I just stuck the Peter in! Ta-da! Wait... that sounded dirty.
Do you play live?
Yes I do. I play in and around Chicago all the time. You can check all my upcoming shows here: HERE.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I have been with Soundclick since 2000 with some other projects (Gag Reflex, Jack, Barry Newton & The Plagues) - without mp3s and Soundclick, it would be much more difficult to get my songs and sounds out to the world. Thousands of people have heard what me and my comrades do, where fifteen years ago, they couldn't have. It's a giant open mic to the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I wrote my first song in fourth grade after taking organ lessons for about a month. It was called "Intervention of the Angels" (I swear) A couple of years later I started learning guitar from a nun. I switched to electric in high school after seeing Marty McFly tear it up on Johnny B. Goode. It was about then that I started writing songs... really, really bad Bryan Adamsy- Def Leppardy songs. A few years later I heard Pink Floyd and everything changed. Then I wrote really really bad Floydy songs - but it taught me about lyrics. I kept plugging away and eventually, around the time I got to college my stuff started getting better. I started playing drums out of necessity in the mid-nineties. Walked away from music for a while to write scripts... but I'm back for good.
Your influences?
So many - I learn a little from everything I listen to. But the biggies for me are all songwriters: Tom Russell, Ralph Covert, Patrick Vernon, Ryan Adams, Steve Hogarth, The Indigo Girls, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Warren Zevon, Bryan Adams, David Gilmour... many, many.
Favorite spot?
London, Silver City - New Mexico, Galena - Illinois,
Anything else...?
I dedicate everything on this page to my son, Danny. Maybe he'll find this stuff one day and enjoy it.
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