Lost Love
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If you look up the word authentic in the dictionary, there is no denying the fact, Authentic exemplifies these characteristics in every aspect of his life and music.

Authentic is a hip-hop artist and producer, born and raised in Colorado. Authentic has been writing music since he was a kid, but didn’t record is first song until 2004. Every song ever recorded by Authentic, was recorded, mixed and mastered by himself, in his basement. Authentic has worked vigorously to perfect his style of hip-hop music and make his sound one of a kind. Authentic is also a producer, and spent the first 5 years exclusively using his own beats. In 2010, Authentic starting using other producers beats, because he noticed it brought out a different side of him, not having a pre determined idea of what a song should sound like, while producing the beat.

Authentic finds motivation from everyday life experiences . Authentic was fortunate to overcome some tragic events in his life, which allowed him to view things from a different perspective he wouldn’t have otherwise known. Fueled by the negative and repetitive music on radio and television, Authentic takes aim at these things on many of his songs. Authentic grew up in the era, when hip-hop was at its peak, so you hear many different influences in his music. Some of his songs are curse free, while others might offend the most foul mouth individuals. What you get with Authentic, is Authentic music. No filters, no holding back., no agenda, besides making music that makes him happy. Authentic makes music so widely ranged and diverse, a lot of the times its hard to understand how one man can be so complex and have so many different perspectives on multiple topics.

While Authentic has performed 150+ shows, he is now focused on recording and releasing as mush free music as his mind will allow. Authentic looks forward to gaining new fans, and hopes his music can make an impact on someone, like music did when he needed it to.

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Why this name?
I've always felt your name should be something represents who you are as an artist and a man. I am sure there are other words that could also be sufficient, but this is what I felt was the most fitting.
Do you play live?
I havent played live for a couple years, but spent 2007-2009 playing 150+ shows. I have taken the past 2 years to really focus on improving my writing, delivery and all around recording skills.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think people are dependent on it now. It has provided exposure for people that otherwise would have never received it, just as you are reading this, its only possible due to the internet. Initially it hurt the sells, but that was prior to labels being prepared and understanding how to embrace it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Anything is possible
Band History:
I started writting songs back in highschool, and recorded my first song shortly after getting into some legal trouble in 2003. I have progressively improved over the last 9 years, but trial and error and recording 100's of songs and producing 100's of beats.
Your influences?
I am influenced by a lot of people from different genres. From Johnny Cash, and Tom Petty to 2pac and Eminem. If I feel that the artist is speaking from the heart, i can't help but be inspired in some nature.
Favorite spot?
The Studio
Equipment used:
All recording is done from my computer, and multiple programs are used for sampling, mixing, etc.
Anything else...?
I am not a huge fan of the music played on the radio, which is most likely the reason I will never have mainstream success. I can't seem to figure put how 90% of artists can talk about money and still be relevant to people and sell records. When you listen to me, you hear nothing but real life, and if you cant feel my passion and hear the truth, there is something wrong with your hearing.
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