Jerry Helta
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Most of the songs posted here are songs I have made up and are experimenting with I and will return to them for further work. As I have short memory I record them to make sure that thay are not totally forgotten.
I make up many of my own backup tracks but also have come apond some good ones on the net. When playing out I use the ipod through a fishman PA or a larger PA system for bigger jobs. When playing at these types of gigs Cocktail Hour, Dining, Banquets, Restaurants, Hotels, I use old standers & strive to create a relaxed musical style to give an enhanced atmosphere for cocktail and dining pleasure. I find that smooth cord melodies and melodic improvised lines works the best.
Do you play live?
I found many people love the old standers in a light jazz format mixed with Latin jazz and some blues/rock. I do play with a band, bass drum & guitar we get a full sound for a trio but most of the time its a one man gig.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes there is nothing you can not learn or find out about on the internet.
Band History:
I took lessons when I was 12 and played rock & blues in many bands until I was 20. That all ended with the Viet Nam War. Four years later I met a Jazz guitar player and took lessons and I got started into jazz. I tried to get gigs doing jazz but ended up back in rock. Fourteen years later, sitting in church during praise and worship I was lead to play christian music. I played praise & worship in a large band and did so for four years. Due to a number of things music was put on the back burner until 2000 when I bought a PC software called Band In A Box. At first I did it just for fun but by 2004 I was really enjoying my virtual band and started to get into jazz on a more serious level. In 2007 I was again playing with a great praise & worship team.

Sense then I have been blessed with good jobs in hotels, restaurants, corporate events & parties. I found many people love the old standards in a light jazz format mixed with Latin jazz and some blues/rock. Occasionally I do play with a band, bass drum & guitar. We get a full sound for a trio but most of the gigs are one man.
Your influences?
Johnny Simth. Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Jim Hall & meany others
Favorite spot?
NC Mountains
Equipment used:
most all the songs on this site was done with a godin midi Guitar through a GR-20 most all the horns and organ on tracks where done with midi Guitar.
Anything else...?
To get more info or songs just google my name or go to my website.
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