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This band is looking for a release in the United Kingdom the bands DVD video of the song "I dont Know Where I'm Going" is still being played on ETV television Holland.

Due to political changes in Holland "The Ghost Man" Had no option but to leave Holland and leave his band behind! None of them were happy after all the hard years of work in the studio Rotterdam based studio. The book tells the story regarding the worry and disgruntlement after one of the Rotterdam newspapers burnt the bands leader on the stake with an article that was unfair and plainly aimed at jepordising the hard work at working to to top of the ladder.

The moral to this story is that the dutch press seem to think they have the right at freedom of speech. The question is? At what cost? years of work went into the band the whole thing blew up a good bands hearts were broken and I'm annoyed about all of it.

We were so close with the big wigs in the industry! It took one nasty journalist to ruin our special beleifs in what we were doing back there.

One night on the back of a boat between Holland and England I made a decision about the reason for coming home? The job is not done but it will be!

I'm getting very tempted to release a book the tells the truth about how events led to disater and being absolutely broke finacially. How for teo months I had to hide away a friends house until the time was right to make it back home.

Sometimes you want to use swear words but you cant, sometime youjust want to tell the truth but this is not the right place. The changes in EEC rules made it difficult for any-one living in Holland from outside of it to be self employed and to live there. It was just plain nasty in the end and the olny people I cared about were all the members of my band.

In the end due to the policies of Holland one British citizen was treated like an illigal immigrant, despite being registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Holland, a dutch bank account, and tax number?

Finally they cut my power! The locked me out of my own home and studio, I WE last everything apart from the fact I protected the interest of my band and hard work by removing all the music and cherished items from the building.

The room you see in the picture on the front page was left just as you see it and that HURT!

Important people in the music industry came there, played there and loved it. This is one of the reasons why I'm not about to give in.

NOW IS THE TIME ...... May 2006

The bands leader now known as "The Ghost Man" is currently looking to re-form a band in the uk with a veiw to joining with all the current musicians involved in the four and a half year project in the studio in Rotterdam.

The demo song on the music section is an old song writetn and played by Trevor Rooney based around a rainy night in Paris. After an argument with his lover at three in the morning.

This song has since been reproduced and can onlybe found on the double album.

Spook One "The White Angel"

Spook Two "The Propecies"

Both Albums are currently unrealeased are kept secret and combine with a book that took many years to write called "Chasing Summers" This book remains secretly hidden in the attic of an Inn in the United Kindom.

There is a second book been written in the location of the are where Trevor currently resides under the title "Killing days" Both both books correspond to the album and are closely linked.

The propecies written by Mother Shipton of Knaresborough are carefully included into the albums, cleverly blended with the script written by Trevor Rooney and additionally sung by members of the original band still based in Holland. All the musicians on this album are still awaiting for the ghost man to make a drastic move.

Right now I'm doing what i have to do but in the thick of my mind is my band and the reason for it all.

Watch me I'm mad about all the crap that took place and surely this is a good reason for something good to come along. There are bands everywhere with stories but there aint nothing like the story I have on paper

The Ghost Man

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