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Sup Everybody

I am going to talk to you about the policy of my beat.

I'm gonna selling beats and this is how i am going to arrange my prices. If you are gonna buy my beats on lease, it will cost you $15. Lease means you can use it for any purpose such as demos, mixtapes, and singles. I'll be a nice guy, so during the time it is being leased, it can only be bought from another artist exclusively instead lease. You can only use this beat for 6 months then you have to pay another $15 to lease it for another 6 months. If you want a custom leased beat, they would cost you $35.

If you buy it exclusively, it is owned by you completely so you can use it for any purpose you want. It will cost you $500. If you want a custom beat, first of all, e-mail me about and secondly, that would cost you $1000 or more. When you are adressing the producer of the beat, state my name as Lil' Ish.

Now i am going to tell you how you can pay for it. The beats will be available on my soundclick page and the way you can pay for them is as follows:
1) Paypal. I have a paypal account so i will send a link to you when you e-mail me and tell me the beat you want.

Once you've paid for the beat, it will be sent to you in wave files of each track of the beat, or you can give me a plan of the way you want it to be tracked out but this will cost you $10 extra.

Any Questions hit me up by my merchant email, or call me at 301-675-4474.

Hol' tite,
Lil' Ish

Why this name?
Lil Ish came from my first name Ishmael or Ismail.
Decapitatah is from decapitator. To decapitate someone is to cut his or her head off. There is a hip hop term which is to "Break a neck", a metaphor for when your bobbing your head. So for me, i do not break your neck, i cut your F-ing head off.
Do you play live?
At the moment i am not playing live at the moment but i am hoping to in the near future.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I never experience the music industry when there was no internet or mp3 just vinyl, turntables, CDs and Walkmans. To me i think the internet is good and bad. It is good in the way that there are ways for one to expose themselves to the world and gather up fans. But the bad thing is that there is a lot stealing of music so musicians are not able to gain enought money doing what the love.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't know. I want to get signed but to label that will let me do what i want to do musically and not control my music.
Your influences?
I do both sampling and original production. For sampling, my influence in terms of when i am looking for records, i like to listen to Issac Hayes, Ahmad Jamal, Quincy Jones then in terms of producers people like Preemo, Pete Rock, and Kanye. Then on the original side, people like, Dre, Scott Storch and Ryan Leslie.
Favorite spot?
I went to New York early this year and i LOVED IT. I want to go there as often as possible.
Equipment used:
Fl Studio
Yamaha MO6
Lexicon Lambda
Anything else...?
New Production Prices:
$35 per beat for lease
$1000 per beat exclusively
$1500 per custom beat
$500 to produce an entire mixtape (Beats will be on lease)
$5000 to produce entire project
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