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Jeff Casarona
The Cratez
Tenshin | Joey Bada$$ | No Samples
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Little Talks (Rough Draft)
play hi-fi  Naissance (Rebirth)
play hi-fi  Forget You (Cee Lo Green)
play hi-fi  For 32
play hi-fi  DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Usher Cover)
play hi-fi  Untitled Cover
play hi-fi  Teenage Dream
play hi-fi  Don't Speak
play hi-fi  Gourmet Race - Music Challenge #2
play hi-fi  Viva La Vida
My name is Jeff Casarona. I dabble around with some music and tend to play a lot of instrumental acoustic music. I've been playing since September of 2006, so there's not much experience under my belt. However, I'm a fast learner and am extremely passionate about guitar.
Why this name?
It's my name...
Your influences?
Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross
Favorite spot?
Virginia Tech
Equipment used:
Larrivee OM-03
Anything else...?
I used to have an Epiphone DR-200 that I loved... that is now broken!

New guitar tip: Do NOT leave your guitar on a stand in a crowded room. It's a bad idea.
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