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Hospital Choir in Helsinki
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play hi-fi  He Is So Precious To Me - Mun aarteeni Jeesus on
play hi-fi  Mun aarteeni Jeesus on - My treasure is Jesus
play hi-fi  Taivaslaulu - Song of Heaven
play hi-fi  Rauhan mina jatan teille-My peace I give unto you
play hi-fi  Sun valtavan armosi vuoksi - By Your Abundant Love
play hi-fi  Turvapaikan löydän luotasi-I find a refuge in yo
play hi-fi  Whom can I turn to by Dave Berland
play hi-fi  Kenen puoleen voisin kääntyä - Whom can I turn to
play hi-fi  Jokaikisessä tilanteessa-In Every Single Situation
play hi-fi  Johda minut kalliolle - To the Rock
"Hospital Choir" has been singing in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, market places and church meetings for almost 40 years. The assembly of the choir has changed many times during all these years, but there are several faithful members who have been with us all along.

The purpose of our choir is to bring good news of God's unconditional love to places where people are too weak to come to the church anymore. The Lord has faithfully opened us doors to go in - and He has been so faithful to us as well.

We are a "little flock" with small abilities - most of us are amateurs - but our Lord is so great and wonderful. When we let Jesus fill us with His grace and love, His life can shine through us in this dark world.

All the glory and honor belongs to our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Why this name?
We have always been called a "Hospital Choir" - even though we have also other singers of our church joining us when we sing at the church meetings.
Do you play live?
We sing and play live at nursing homes, war veterans' homes and hospitals in Helsinki and the neighbourhood and also some times at our church services.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet opens a possibility to get to know songwriters and artists and their production worldwide.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Anything else...?
God bless you, my dear friends :)

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