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NEWS   5/10/09 -> Covered 2NE1's "FIRE" out of the blue.. LOL enjoy..?
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Singing is life, basically.

My voice changed soo much from last year.. I'm tempted to delete some stuff from way back when. =x Somebody stop meehh!
Why this name?
It's an old word that I made up years ago in junior high =P
Do you play live?
My first ever vocal recital will be in late June. I'll be performing Yuna Ito's "ENDLESS STORY".. wish me luck? =x

Other than that, I'm involved in the College Choir at Hunter College. It's fun~
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hells yeah!
Band History:
Not much of a history.. Just me and the pipes =x
Your influences?
I'm inspired by a lot of Classic Rock, but I don't tend to sing those songs, obviously.

My biggest influences are Shiina Ringo, Hikki, MISIA, CSJH the Grace, Davichi, Baek Jiyoung.. Amazing musicians, all of them! T_T
Favorite spot?
New Yoooork! ;D
Equipment used:
My vocal cords and a Logitech mic.. =x