Moonlit Night *LIVE GUITARS*
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Dirty South
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play hi-fi  master mix
play hi-fi  Throw it up - Travis, Smily
play hi-fi  Flyaway - Smiley feat. Bri
play hi-fi  the trap - B Real, T Gun
play hi-fi  sick of wishes - Smiley
play hi-fi  Lavish
play hi-fi  Free Beat (Free Mix Tape) - a tj beat
play hi-fi  free beat (Free Mix Tape) - a milk beat 6 remix
play hi-fi  free Beat (Free Mix Tape) - a high beat 1(dance
play hi-fi  free beat (Free Mix Tape) - 1234(work)
im a producer From Central Florida / Tallahassee Florida. im a music writer, composer and arranger. I have a wide range og Musical talents including piano and trumpet skills. To get the best you have to be willing to pay the best price so take a listen to some of my music and enjoy..
Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx
Milk Money 2009
Redd Foxx
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