Push Thru (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Fractal Rock
NEWS   Fractal Rock is currently working hard on their music, and will be leaking songs onto the internet soon.
Queen Bee
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music video by Fractal Rock, http://fractalrock.pigboatrecording.com/

A modern progressive Rock Band from Silverdale, Washington
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play hi-fi  March of the Mad Hare
play hi-fi  Queen Bee
play hi-fi  Falling Up The Well
play hi-fi  The Cyclone
play hi-fi  The Visitor
play hi-fi  Wicked Rubberband
play hi-fi  Therapeutic Insanity
play hi-fi  My Neurosis
play hi-fi  Principia
play hi-fi  Crazy Dog
60's acid/psychedelic rock & 70's progressive rock.
Why this name?
It's not a band name, but a state of mind:
What is a Fractal?

Fractal Movie by Stacy

Fractal Rock is not really a band, but a state of mind.

A closer look at the fabric of the universe reveals an underlying Ontological Order. What is perceived as random, may actually be deterministic. There may not be an infinite number of snow flake patterns, we just haven't seem them all.

This definitively points us towards an elemental underlying self-similarity in all natural things, perceived by your mind as an infinite variation on a theme.

Such is our approach to music, variations on a theme.

Or, it could be just a bunch of 60s-70s baby boomers making weird-ed out music. You decide.

Do you play live?
Yes, we are all alive, no corpses or zombies here.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Do they still make records?
Your influences?
Equipment used:
Dave "Chainsaw" Hawkins (Guitarist) uses the following gear:
Guitars: Fender 1997 Stratocaster, Peavey 2004 EXP Gen. Telecaster, Epiphone 2001 Les Paul, Applause 2001 shallow round back, Mako 1980 Stratocaster, Fender 2002 mini Stratocaster
Amplifiers: Fender 2001 Deluxe 90, Fender 1969 Duel Showman, Fender 1981 Two Twelve Half Slant
Electronics: Digitech GNX2 and Intel P4 Computer, Shure In-ear Phones

Joel "The Wiz" Martin (Keyboards, Woodwinds, Bass) uses the following gear:
Alesis QS6.2, Yamaha Piano CLP-260, Oxygen 8 Controller, Oxygen 61 Controller, Hammond Chop Organ with Leslie, MT32 (Modified), EMU Proteus One, The Mapper, Rane SM26, Opcode Studio 3, ART SGE Mach II, Nady SDP-20, WX5 Wind Controller, Reason Synth Engine,Dimension Pro Synth Engine, PRO-52 Synth Engine, Armstrong Alto Sax, Rogue 5 String Bass, Fender Squire Bullet Guitar, Takamine Jasmine Acoustic Guitar, Crown Amp, JVC Amp, Behringer Bugera Cab, Two ASUS P4 Rack Computers, One Supermicro Dual XEON Rack Server, Shure In-ear Phones

Kristine Tibbs (Vox) uses the following: Vocal Chords, Lungs, Abdominal Diaphragm, etc...

Deena Lien-Richards (Vox/Percussion) uses the following: Vocal Chords, Lungs, Abdominal Diaphragm, various percussion instruments, Roland Digital Drum Kit

Dave Turissini (Bass Guitarist) uses the following gear:
Rickenbacker 4001C64 bass, Ibanez SR 400 bass, Carvin R600 bass amp, SansAmp Bass Driver, Alesis Ion, Roland PK5 pedals

Robert Westcott (Drummer) uses the following gear:
DW drums: 22x18 Kick, 8x7 Tom, 10x8 Tom, 12x9 Tom, 14x11 Tom, 16x13 Tom, 10x6 popcorn snare, 14x9 premier snare
Paiste Signature series Cymbals:, 21" dry ride, 14" sound edge HH, 13" sound edge HH, 16" crash (x2), 17" crash, 18" crash, 6" splash, 8" splash, cup chimes (x3), LP bell
Drum Heads: Evans clear G1 or G2 for top heads of toms, Evans clear resonators on bottom of toms, Aquarian Performance 2 on snare top.
Sticks: Vic Firth SD1
Pedals: DW 9000 series for both bass drum and HH.
Porkpie throne.
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