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"The World's Most Famous Biker Band" JB Walker And The Cheap Whiskey Band
Why this name?
Kenny Ray Camp came to our first rehersal and said "you need 3 shots of Cheap Whiskey to stand to be in the room with us". It Stuck!
Do you play live?
We play for Bikers, Stock Car Fans and American Servicemen and Women serving in forward areas around the world. Hoooah!
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It all changes the music industry.
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Of course, but the see I don't need that now to stay in the music business.
Band History:
Cheap Whiskey Band rocks the house
at U.S. Balkans bases
By Ron Jensen, Bosnia bureau

Ivana Avramovic / Stars and Stripes
J.B. Walker, left, and members of the Cheap Whiskey Band perform Monday night at Trigger's on Eagle Base, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
EAGLE BASE, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Some sights are familiar here.

A lone farmer tending his cattle in a green pasture. Workers busily rebuilding a home damaged in the war. And J.B. Walker and his Cheap Whiskey Band grinding out southern rock to the great delight of U.S. troops.

Walker and his talented band are on their 14th tour of U.S. Balkans bases this week, completing their Bosnia leg Tuesday and heading for four shows starting Thursday in Macedonia and Kosovo.

The biker-rock band has been playing for military audiences since Operation Desert Shield.

And to hear the pony-tailed Walker tell it, the pleasure is all theirs.

“I can’t say this enough,” he said. “It’s an honor for us to be able to do it.”

Walker believes his freedom to do what he wants — which is to travel to biker rallies and stock car races and play music — is possible only because of the sacrifices of men and women who have worn the uniform of their country, including two of his brothers.

“What better audience than soldiers and bikers,” he said Monday afternoon before his show at Trigger’s on Eagle Base.

The band members first performed at Eagle Base when there were no accommodations for them here. They performed and then high-tailed it back to Hungary. They returned now, a bit ahead of schedule, to entertain members of the Georgia National Guard, who are serving in Bosnia.

Walker and the band are all from Georgia. In fact, his cousin is Gov. Roy E. Barnes.

This is not the only place they have entertained U.S. servicemembers. They were in Haiti and Panama with troops. They have performed at bases throughout Europe and have been making overseas bases their annual New Year’s Eve destination for several years.

In fact, Walker said the band’s Stateside dates often are reunions with troops who saw the band overseas. At a date in Panama City, Fla., the policeman who drove the band to the show had met them when he was a military policeman during the Persian Gulf War.

And Walker’s appreciation for troops is not limited to his rugged tour schedules overseas. The band is based at the World Famous Iron Horse Saloon in Daytona, Fla. Any servicemember who shows his or her ID card drinks for free at the bar on the beach. The same is true for civilian employees of the military. “Your money is no good,” Walker told the troops at Trigger’s on Monday.

The band seems to have as much fun as the audience. Walker cracks jokes and carries on conversations with members of the audience. The music runs from David Allen Coe, a Walker friend, to the Marshall Tucker Band to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“Out of all the bands that come here, this one brought me home,” said Spc. Adam Comstock, who, like Walker and the band, is from Georgia. Pfc. Christopher O’Connor, another Georgian, said: “I appreciate him coming down here. It boosts our morale a lot.”

Walker says over and over how much he appreciates the soldiers’ sacrifices. It is a genuine emotion from a man who lost a friend in Vietnam.

The Cheap Whiskey Band Web site has been honored by for its support of the U.S. armed forces.

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Elvis, Rickey Nelson, Hank1 & 2, David Allan Coe, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Dylan to name a few.
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In my Redheads arms.
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Powered by custon Frank Beck sound and Road system. Maintained by the Slacker.
Anything else...?
Ride safe, Ride Free
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