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'Ghost' // Future x Young Thug Type Beat
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Angel Runner Media
The Wall
Stupid Crazy Foolish
Just Love Me
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play hi-fi  Die Trying (Funky Beats)
play hi-fi  Hulk in the Trunk
play hi-fi  Hello Bolly
play hi-fi  The Wall (SOLD)
play hi-fi  Stupid Crazy Foolish
play hi-fi  Just Love Me
play hi-fi  Abiding
play hi-fi  Pots and Pans
play hi-fi  Surveillance
play hi-fi  State of the Hour




500 distribution limit (Demos, Mixtapes, and/or Albums), 500 Commercial lease included (Radio, TV).

Purchaser will receive desired beats via email in mp3 format within 24hrs .

Artist rights for said production are transferred to you, with a signed contract. You will have exclusivity to the track for unlimited distribution and performance. Contact for pricing/info.

Purchaser will receive production in wav. format with an exclusive rights contract within 24hrs after Valid payment via email or download link.

FREE DL, DO NOT MEAN free beats. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unauthorized duplication or use of productions is a violation of applicable laws and subject to criminal punishment.


Production Order Costs + state tax (%6)
Instrumental Name(s)

Why this name?
I came up with the name from God.....I have no other explanation as to how I came up with "K.O.B.E. Productions" (King Of Beats Entertainment Productions) of "KP Music". God just revealed those names to me and I've used them ever since.

Welcome to (King Of Beats Entertainment) a.k.a. K.P. Music Records instrumental page! Feel free to contact us at for any purchase inquiries (serious customers only!). We give discounts to gospel artists. You can PURCHASE INSTRUMENTALS in the LICENSE PAGE section, AFTER VERIFYING via phone call or email !!

God Bless
Do you play live?
Yes, at churches, fairs, carnivals and such. We love performing and getting the crowd excited. It's the best experience in the world sharing the message of God.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It can help even the smallest artist, contact the biggest companies.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Presently only as a distribution deal, with unlimited studio time and full rights. Although we can be swayed to signing to a bigger indie or major label.
Band History:
We started a year ago and were never going to stop. For official interviews contact Sophia Stapleton at 330 431 8752
Your influences?
Jesus, inner struggles, and the world around me.
Favorite spot?
Favorite spot would HAVE TO BE Club 4:12....set the example
Equipment used:
Do you really need to know? I mean... really....LOL.
Anything else...?
Here at K.O.B.E. Productions (KP Music Records) our motto is to

"Our music speaks for itself"
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