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Rayne Storm II
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I am more of a song writer than vocalist. I admit that I'm not the best singer in the world but I'm not the worst either. Almost all my songs are a capella mainly because I'm not a skilled guitarist, drummer, bassist. I just write the songs.
Why this name?
I had wanted to name my daughter Rayne Storm but was talked out of it. The name was just stuck in my mind so I decided to use it as my own.
Do you play live?
No. I have stage fright when it comes to singing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
For someone like me it is heaven. Being able to make my music available to people all over is awesome. To someone who is already established it could hurt a little but I think people underestimate the true fan. If you love someone's music you will be willing to spend money to support them.
Band History:
I started writing songs at the age of 14 and haven't stopped since. I come from a musical family with my dad being the main musical influence in my life.
Your influences?
Jaime Herrera (my dad), No Doubt (Gwen), Evanescence, Lacuna Coil
Favorite spot?
I love my hometown of El Paso. I love the music scene here. It's so unique and inspirational. Never underestimate the "little people."
Equipment used:
My mic and my computer. The program I use is Cakewalk Music Creator 3.
Anything else...?
I encourage anyone to use my lyrics in their own songs. If you write nothing but instrumentals and want lyrics, feel free to use mine if they fit with your music. All I ask is that I am credited for the lyrics and, if you want, that you send me the final song (if you use my lyrics) or video so that I can place it on my website (you will receive credit and exposure).
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