Hatchet Men
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play hi-fi  Nice Doin Business (HM Outro) (Remix)
play hi-fi  White Noise (Remix)
play hi-fi  Look Under The Bed (Remix)
play hi-fi  Norf Cack (Remix)
play hi-fi  Sacrifice (Remix)
play hi-fi  Crop Circles (Remix)
play hi-fi  Agent Orange (Remix)
play hi-fi  Snakes (Remix)
play hi-fi  Chaos Vs. Order (Remix)
play hi-fi  Secret Warfare (Remix)
Hatchet Men are Knife Star the Chilean Terrorist and Asharri the Vagabond a/k/a The Derelict...

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Why this name?
We are Hatchet Men for hire...
Do you play live?
Not yet...
Band History:
Asharri the Vagabond - MC/Producer/DJ - Born in Austin, TX but raised in South Dakota amongst the so-called savages of the plains. Half black, half Native (Lakota Sioux). Been doing music since '92. Group affiliations are MIA Crew, Warrior Society, Underground Elements, Guerrilla Platoon, LXE, Civil Mics Movement. The Underground Wire, Splinter Cell and Hatchet Men...

Knife Star - MC/Terrorist - born in Hawaii, lived in G.A, lived in Cali, lived in Brazil, lived in NC where he learned to flow and free style back in 95..listening to mobb deep and smiff n wessun rollin blunts in the back seat drivin drunk around FayetteNAM. formed a group called FBH AKA Fortified Blunt Heads. later moved to Wilmington , NC, with DJ Knowledge, and Derek X aka Silver Back where he met mc..s such as Fuzz Jackson and Rebel Forces. later moved to Durham , NC . then to Raleigh, NC , auxillary to a crew called Workin Class ( Exotic, L.O., and Dj Knowledge). then moved back to Durham and now is currently living in South America in a place called 4 Devil City, Chile studyin forensic science. linked up with a old friend ( Vagabond aka Derelict) . recorded the chilean terrorist e.p. around aug. 2007 , and then formed HATCHET MEN. IS EDUCATED AND CONSIDERED HIGHLY DANGEROUS. NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED!
Your influences?
Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, AOTP, Gravediggaz, KRS-One, BDP, PE, EPMD, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, X-Clan, Dead Prez, Lost Children of Babylon, Killarmy, Wu-Tang Clan, and anyone supporting REAL Hip-Hop...
Equipment used:
Anything else...?
Shout out to Man At Arms, G-Six, Mr. Grimm, Miss Bree, DJ Knowledge, Skitsiouxphrenik and all our fans and supporters...