NEWS   Boston-based multi-genre lyricist/emcee/musician/producer/audio engineer/artist/weirdo.

New solo full length album 'Hypomanic Carnival' is available now:

14 spooky dank self-written/produced/mixed tracks of experimental-hip hop-electroacoustic-soundsculpting goodness.

On social media, check out @scatterboxx on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, & Reverbnation.

For everything else:
*NEW 2018* - The Worst -
To Purchase This Beat Email | Or Goto | Twitter: @ImaShiine (verified)
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play hi-fi  Hypomanic Carnival
play hi-fi  Bad Fetish
play hi-fi  Side FX
play hi-fi  Pills & Spilt Milk
play hi-fi  Gremlin
play hi-fi  The Ravin'
play hi-fi  Everest
play hi-fi  Tusk
play hi-fi  Easy Flow Saturn
play hi-fi  Since The Day That You Passed
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