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nervegasm's Revolotion ep.. Out Soon!!..

New Newssad :(
ITS BEEN AWHILE!.. NEW JUZZ e.p OUT.. SOON ON MAdhouz and CD BABY.!.. Enjoy!!
Mwo (Ink)
Hip Hop
Hip-hop beats in Chinese traditional music style. Using Guzhen, Guchin, and Yangchin. Travel back to the ancient China.
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"In May 2003, John released his latest album “The Down Sessions” which is his most adventurous and accessible sonic collection to date. Musically, it is a sizable shift from his previous E.P.s. The album focuses more on his orchestral leanings further inspired by the use of string sections. The album reveals a more melodic and freestyling side although it still retains its innovative and cutting edge beats. The “Down Sessions” contains a myriad of rhythms styles and features that use atmospheric effects to a great degree. The album preceeded the single “Alone and Endless,” an infectiously melodic and haunting sampled track with dark ambient strings underpinned by down tempo rhythm, displaying the versatile nature of John’s output and also a willingness to side-step temporary fashionable dance sub-genres such as break beat and all the rest."-press released
G.E.M.I.N.I feat. nervegasm - A little love today.

Aquarian Age-mountain of fools (nervegasm's electrofriedphunk mix).


@I Am



@MADDHOUZ(CD on SALE in Chicago)



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Why this name?
BILE album-"whoregasm"...nerve and orgasm put'em together...
Do you play live?
yep .. but most of the time Spinin' Sum plates or cd's (selector) on live events or clubbs with my HOTBOX RP labelmates. I also used to run a show called CYber Radio.. on a rock station.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A lot.. makes it more easier for the artist to put up there most of the indie artist a better opportunity to sell there records.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
SUre.. but it depends on the contract.. I could go for a distribution since thats what.. I really need right now.. an international distribution or reproduction..
Band History:

“Nervegasmic” is how John Cabalum describes his brand of mixed genre electronic music hence his monicker NERVEGASM. Born in 1976, John counts in AC/DC, Alice Cooper and Devo as his earliest music influences.

His eventual foray into the world of electronic music was due in part to the musical landscape that characterized the early 90’s. Specifically, the musical influences of the Aphex Twin and UK based DJs such as Fabio/Grooverider/4Hero/Goldie(metalheadz Crew) and FSOL.

John’s consummate skills lies in incorporating an array of musical styles and references without pigeonholing his music into an easy definable category such as dance or rock music. He has become one of the very few artists working with electronics to produce a a highly personal sound that mixes far reaching experimentalism through infectious rhythms while at the same time staying true to the pioneering spirit of independent music.

In 1998, John released his first E.P. “Hellfire” which he released on his very own Nervegasm and SVWSP (Scratch Vinyls with Sand Papers) label which was soon followed a few months later with “Yerba del Diablo.” Both tracks used to be available on the now defunct music website Specifically, “Hellfire” and “Dosed” gained 400 downloads.
Your influences?
It started with rock music AC/DC and Alice Cooper, then punk (sex pistols, the clash, stiff little fingers, dead kennedys..) and then newwave (new order, the smiths, the cure..etc..)thats when I decided to make music.. in the 90's I listened to alot of electronic music while I was also listening on the Grunge scene.. lots of DHR artist, goldie, photek and the metalheadz, ninja tunes(cold cut, scruff.. etc..) and warp/rephlex artist(aphextwin, autechre, meat beat manifesto, uziQ.. etc..)you can say I got a lot of influences.. and it just keeps goin on.. and on..
Favorite spot?
white sand beaches.. so I could chill out to sum downtempo and dub tracks as the sun sets. "Oi Keep playin that track .. Iriieee!!"
Equipment used:
hardware and lots of software.. synths, drum machines, guitars, sampler, turntables, samples..
Sh*tLoads Of VST's and Vsti's.. Evilwurms Evolution Midi Controller, A-live5, Plasma, AcidPro5, HHead, Ik Samplers, Korg x5d, Turntables, Vinyls (old werid ones), FLstudio, Synapse Orion, Hydra, Scorpion, guitar, local instruments, anything I can get my ahnds on!
Anything else...?
Open for a Collab.. so mail me or post sum comments on the music board!!!.. stream sum tracks... for more info email me here: